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Little known fact number one: the original title for PEARL was Girl on the Edge. I've always used Pinterest as a tool to gather representations of the imagery I have in mind as I'm writing (e.g. SUGAR) and the early drafts of PEARL/G.O.T.E were no exception. 

For me, PEARL embodies a gritty, 90's kick-ass aesthetic, but cut with glitter and the kinds of sun-kissed flowers Frida Kahlo painted. 

There's an abundance of ripped denim, hair-dye, smoke, mirrors, and best friends causing trouble and making memories. 

Even with finger flipping and sass-talking recklessness, little known fact number two is this: PEARL is a story about not giving up. Never giving up.

Visually, it's the epitome of young, wild, and free. But there's also consequence and creativity and loss. It's real life and it sometimes presents us with ugliness and challenge, but it's also big and beautiful and worth every heart-stopping, gut-wrenching, soul-shining moment. 

This brings me to little known fact number three: Once published, a story also belongs to the reader. PEARL is about all these things and none of these things and the very personal and universal things the words invoke in you. 
PEARL Pinterest Board

But if you're curious, I invite you to check out my PEARL Pinterest board. Please share in the comments below how you envision the book, the characters, and scenes. 

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