A few of my favorite things. Summer 2016.

Summer 2016 a few of my favorite things

Summer 2016 a few of my favorite things by deirdrespark featuring pink home decor

Is there a theme here? Pink much? I am thinking pink this summer with bows, polka dots, sprinkles, sunnies, rhinestones, ice cream, strawberries, and all the glossy, shiny, and super fun things! 

I used to be kinda anti-pink, but have fully embraced it now that, well, I don't know what the change could have been except that I'm no longer a card carrying member of the jaded brigade. My membership was revoked a while back. Dunno why? It may have been all of the glitter and confetti.

Summer is my fah-aye-fav-ah-rit. Seriously. So it wasn't hard to come up with more than a few items that I'd like to put see in brown paper packages and tie up with string—or on the beach. 

What summer style do you have going on? Please share below. 

Oh, and check out my previous summer post in this series here, but don't worry, if pink isn't your thing, you'll find plenty of nautical blues and whites.

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