PEARL Playlist

While music plays prominently in PEARL, after all the eponymous main character's mother is the singer-guitarist in the Shrapnels, I listened to tunes in heavy rotation in between writing and drafting. 

Mostly, I don't listen to music while I'm writing the first draft of a manuscript, but since my "office" is in the living room, sometimes I need a distraction. Usually, I'll play an album or listen to a live recording of a band I know well, one I could sing along to every song if I saw them in concert. I also play music loud in the car if I'm driving solo and fall into the groove of a scene, character, or sticky point I'm trying to work through. 

Here's but one playlist I made for PEARL. 

Did you make it through all 18 songs? I wish some of them had official videos or that the live versions were better, but yanno, I worked with what was available. 

Have you read PEARL? Any songs that I should add?

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