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Readers, writers, friends! In case you haven't heard, I'm very, very excited to share the news that my debut non-fiction, BOOK PROMOTION 365: How to reach readers and share your work with the world comes out later this month!
What's it about? Have a look at the blurb.
You wrote and published a book, now what? How do you reach readers?
With so many books filling the digital marketplace and bookstore shelf space, it's often not quite enough to put forth our best work and launch, hoping we'll see our name on the bestseller list. More often than not, it falls to the author to take action and steadily build an audience. Our novel didn't write itself, nor will it land in the hands of readers without some effort.
Book Promotion 365 is about making daily choices to build your dreams into reality. You'll dig down and identify whom you are as a writer, your goals, and create a plan to move forward whether you write fiction, non-fiction, poetry, cookbooks, or another format entirely. The book promotion practices presented will also help you connect with readers and transform your writing life.
You'll learn how to best serve your readership and promote your book with authenticity, make meaningful connections, and generously add value by forming new ways of thinking about promotion that will set you up to reach readers over time. There's no magic formula for success, but if you're ready to share your work with the world and be your own promo fairy, consider this book your wand.

Why did I write this book?
If you know me at all, I'm passionate about planning. (Click the link to see what I did there. He he.) I like to map out my road ahead (leaving some flexibility for detours, of course). I've always valued a helping hand to guide me when I'm doing something new. I find it incredibly beneficial to ponder the answers to big life questions like, why am I doing this—whatever it may be. In the context of storytelling, the questions I come back to include, Why do I write? What story do I want to tell? How do I want to connect with readers? Why do I want to publish? I'm also a list maker. BP365 is essentially a long list—make no mistake, there are three-hundred-sixty-five tips in this book. After pursuing self-publishing and my experience in traditional publishing, I realized I was more or less figuring out what comes after the launch as I went along. Being a pioneer is great, but so many of us have multiple irons in the fire—including the desire to write more, so I figured it would be helpful to lay everything I learned out so other authors would have a reference for how to promote their work without the hassle of quite so much trial and error.
One of the questions I ask myself regularly is how can I be of service to others? I thought long and hard about how I might be able to share what I learned with other authors like me. (Actually, I was in traffic—my top three brainstorming spots are: traffic, running, and the shower, in no particular order.) The obvious answer is to share what I've learned, tried, and had success with in a book, because duh, I'm a writer. I love books. End of equation. And if I know anything about our sort of book-lovin' folks, it's that we read, a lot.
Tangent: I recently (finally!) read Stephen King's On Writing. (If you haven't picked it up, I strongly recommend—the latter half of the book is invaluable! (The first half gives the reader a glimpse into King's early life.) I found some of my writing practices affirmed, learned new approaches, and his wisdom gave me a lot to think about...anyway…) 

King posits that reading is a requirement for writers. It's part of the job description. This has three upsides as I see it. 1) Reading is fun! It's entertaining, instructive, and a nice way to relax and/or escape. 2) All those books we buy can potentially be used for tax deduction purposes—research! *Of course, check with your tax prep professional, because I'm not the person to give advice about those kinds of things, but still, cool, right? 3) Our writing can only be strengthened by studying what works, doesn't work, what appeals to us, what doesn't, what makes us laugh, cry, etc. In sum, writers—read!
Okay, getting back to Book Promo 365. I combined all of the things I'd been thinking about related to promotion, targeting audiences, boosting sales, connecting with readers and distilled it into three-hundred-sixty-five practices for authors to try. Now, to some, that number may seem daunting. THREE HUNDRED-SIXTY-FIVE??? That's an entire year. 
Chances are it took you at least that long to get your story from the seed of an idea to print. As I say, your book didn't write itself; it's not going to promote itself. It's our job, as authors, to seek an audience and connect with them, especially those of us who're independent/self-published.
But not to worry, you won't be spending an entire year knocking on doors, spamming everyone and their brother, sister, mother, father, cousin seven times removed to BUY YOUR BOOK! Nope. I have a no spam rule—canned or otherwise. 
BP365 can be used in multiple ways—I'm all about making life as simple and as stress free as possible. The book promo practices I discuss require outreach, but there are many that involve turning inward, learning more about who you are as a writer so you can focus on how to best be a promoter for your work. You'll also pinpoint goals and create a map to get from here to there—using the tools in the book as your compass. Whether you try one new method of reaching readers per week, a handful, or go full-on three-sixty-five, I feel confident you'll find yourself with a clearer understanding of yourself, what it is to promote your work, and in new and wonderful relationships with the people who read your books.
If you're an author with multiple books out, a writer brand new to the scene who's hoping to see their name on the spine of a bound book soon, or if you simply have one title listed on Amazon and feel like you're playing to an empty theater, I encourage you to check out BP365. And let me know if you do, after all, I want to connect with you too. 

You can preorder a Kindle copy now! 

The cover reveal is coming soon! Woo hoo!

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