Book Promo 365 Cover Reveal!

Here it is! 
The cover reveal for my debut non-fiction 
Book Promotion 365: How to reach readers and share your work with the world

You wrote and published a book, now what? How do you reach readers?

With so many books filling the digital marketplace and bookstore shelf space, it's often not quite enough to put forth our best work and launch, hoping we'll see our name on the bestseller list. More often than not, it falls to the author to take action and steadily build an audience. Your novels didn't write itself, nor will it land in the hands of readers without some effort. 

Book Promotion 365 is about making daily choices to build your dreams into reality. You'll dig down and identify whom you are as a writer, your goals, and create a plan to move forward as a self-published or traditionally published author of fiction in the digital age. The book promotion practices presented will also help you connect with readers and transform your writing life. 

You'll learn how to best serve your readership and promote your book with authenticity, make meaningful connections, and generously add value by forming new ways of thinking about promotion that will set you up to reach readers over time. There's no magic formula for success, but if you're ready to share your work with the world and be your own promo fairy, consider this book your wand.

It releases on Tuesday, October 11 for a limited time price of .99¢! 
Preorder your copy for Kindle or print now!

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