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I'm hosting Heather Young-Nichols author of 


About the Book

Flannery Tate left home for a college half a country away. She just wants an education. Something that will give her opportunities and lead to a life unlike the one she grew up in.

Then she meets Cain Dorsey and the education she gets is so much more.

Living her new life, one she never dreamed of, Flannery gets gobsmacked when she receives notification that the scholarship she’d worked years for in high school, has disappeared. Without the money she’ll have to leave school and return home. It’s hopeless.

Until Flannery gets creative.

With the help of a friend, Flannery decides that selling her virginity to the highest bidder is the only option. When Cain discovers the plan his feelings of betrayal drive the lovers apart. She wants to stay in Michigan even if seeing Cain around campus with another woman would crush her but if she can convince him that she’s worth all the trouble more than just her virginity will be Up for Grabs.

About the author

Heather Young-Nichols is a multi-published YA and contemporary romance author and a native of the great and often very cold state of Michigan. She is better known at home and to her friends as the Snarker-in-Chief, a job she excels at beyond anything she could have imagined. She loves many things, but especially cold coffee, hot books, and baseball. But not necessarily in that order.

Find out more at Heather's Website.

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Bonus Scene
Cain’s POV
Up for Grabs

“I don’t get it, Cain,” Sam said. He was leaning against the brick wall next to the coffee cart while I waited for my order.

“Don’t get what?”

“Do you realize how early this is? Why would you take a class this fucking early?”

After I grabbed my large cup and began the slow journey toward my first class, Sam pushed off the wall to fall in step with me.

“I might be mistaken but I’m pretty sure you have a class right now, too.”

“Yes, but mine is required.”

“And mine is the last one I need for my minor.”

“Yeah,” he said but his focus was on the two girls that had just passed by. He turned around walking backward with me while watching them saunter away. “But you could have taken it any time.”

I came to a stop.

“This matters to you why?”

“I would have found a way out of my class if you would be less of an adult. Can’t have you out do me.”

I shook my head as I laughed at my best friend and got moving again. We’d been through everything together since we were kids and he probably wasn’t joking. He’d have skipped the class but was competitive enough to not let me make him look bad by being up early twice a week while he continued to snooze.

“This is me,” I said when were about to the right classroom.

“Still working out later?”


After all, just because it wasn’t soccer season didn’t mean we could let ourselves go. Not that either of us had any dreams of going pro, even if we were good enough. We just liked the competition not to mention it kept us in shape.

Sam kept walking when I turned into my room.

“Christ. Your mouth is huge. Big enough—”

I heard those words to my left. When I glanced toward the voice, the guy looked familiar but the girl was really familiar. I had a class with her last semester. She was quiet. Didn’t really talk to anyone there but it didn’t seem to be because she was sky. It came off more like she didn’t know anyone in the class. She was cute as hell then and cute as hell now with her hair thrown into a long braid pulled over her shoulder.

The corner of my mouth turned up and took a hard left down the row next to them.

As I glanced around the room, most of the faces were somewhat familiar though one I’d prefer not to see again. A girl I hooked up with last year.

“Go no further.” The familiar girl said throwing her hand up at the guy. I think his name was Adam and he just laughed loudly right at her.

Crap. They interacted so comfortably they were probably a couple. I should have asked her out last semester. My loss.

The professor came in cutting off all conversation in the room.

After giving the same first day of class spiel I’d heard for the last three years, the prof walking around the room herding us into groups. Expected in a communications class. Luck was on my side when he pointed at me, familiar girl, her boyfriend and the gangly kid sitting behind me. The couple made me laugh already and she was beautiful so it wouldn’t be all bad.

 “Ok,” Prof interrupted my thoughts. “These last fifteen minutes I want you to get together, introduce yourselves, and exchange information. In short, get comfortable. A good portion of your study time will be spent with these people.”

The four of us quickly pushed out desks together so we could see each other. Familiar girl was already hard at work writing in her notepad. I opened my mouth to introduce myself when I heard the guy again.

“Christ, Flannery that better not bruise.”

Flannery. Somehow the name fit her.

“Why? Got a swimsuit competition this week?” She asked back.

I snorted. So did the kid next to me.

“I’m Adam. This bitchy little thing is Flannery.”

His body flinched again. This time I heard her foot make contact with his leg.

“Ow. Ok. This sweet, docile young lady is Flannery.” Adam gave Flannery a smirk. “Happy?”

She nodded with enthusiasm.

“Flannery? What’s your first name?” Our last unknown member asked.

“Flannery,” she said back right away.

“Your first name is Flannery?” He asked again.

“Yes. Flannery Tate. Here.” She passed each of us a small section from her notebook. “All the ways you can 
get a hold of me. You guys should do the same. Ah … what’s your name?”

“Matt Mazer,” he answered.

“Cain Dorsey.” I said before anyone had a chance to ask.

Flannery’s big brown eyes turned to me. I held her gaze for as long as I could before she went back to focus on Adam.

“Oh right.” Adam snapped his fingers in my direction. I raised an eyebrow in return. “You’re Sam Allen’s roommate, right?”

I nodded.

“Flan, remember that Halloween party?” Adam asked turning to her.

“The one where your tongue spent most of its time down Kendra’s throat?”

That was the one. I knew I’d met him before.

“Yeah, that one. It was at their place off campus.”

“That’s where I’ve seen you.” She said her focus back on me.

I think I wanted her to keep it there. But I didn’t have a chance to utter another word before she started shoving her stuff into her backpack.

“Gotta run.” Flannery turned away from us then spun back around, grabbed my and Matt’s info then turned to leave again.

“Hot date this early, Flan? I’m scandalized,” Adam called behind her.

“Yeah, Adam. Hot date with my bed. Ava’s crying and whining kept me up all night. Again.” Flannery giggled. “Why do you look constipated?”

“Trying to decide.” He sat back stroking his chin. “I want to make a completely inappropriate joke about joining you in bed but also want to hear what’s up with Ava.”

“Well since you have no chance of getting in my bed…Ava and Jared broke up over Christmas. It’s a nightmare.”

“I take it you two already know each other,” I said because I really needed to know if they were together. I already wanted to ask Flannery out but not if she had a boyfriend and he was right in front of me. That wasn’t the kind of guy I was.

“Yeah, I’ve been cursed with him since the first day of college,” she said with a grin.

“The word you’re looking for, Flan, is blessed.” Adam laughed back at her.

I couldn’t help but chuckle. They were friends. Had been friends for a while but if they were really together, Adam would’ve let me know. That’s how guys work.

So I needed to find an opportunity to ask Flannery out on a date.

Same beat me back to the apartment and was already on the couch with a sandwich when I came through the door. That man could eat more than anyone I knew.

“How was nonverbal communications?” He asked then took a huge drink of water.


“I’d think you already knew how to communication nonverbally.”

I snorted.

“Not in an appropriate in public way.”

Sam chuckled. I knew where he’d been headed and got there first.

“Actually, it doesn’t suck.” I fell into the chair near the couch.


“Nope.” The ‘P’ on my nope popped.

“Ah, so there’s a girl.”

“Maybe.” I shrugged. “You remember the girl I mentioned last semester. Brown hair…she came with that girl Kendra you invited to your Halloween party?”

“Oh right.” He nodded. “She’s in your class?”

I nodded.

“You going to puss out on making a move again?”

“Fuck you,” I said with absolutely no malice. “I didn’t puss out. She just kind of kept to herself and I didn’t get a chance.”

“And now?”

“Now’s different.”

“She’s cute?” he asked.

“She’s beautiful, Sam. And I’ll cut your balls off if you go near her, got it?”

“Afraid I could woo her away from you?”


“Not a chance. I’m afraid you’ll do something stupid then I’ll marry the girl and have to kill you.”

His loud laughter echoed through the apartment as I went to drop my bag in my room.

Flannery would come and go so quickly that I hadn’t had a chance to ask her for her phone number. Nothing. She wasn’t avoiding me; she was just a busy person apparently.

A few classes later, Flannery came rushing in, no coffee in hand. I thought the cardboard cup was a permanent part of her hand but now her hand was empty. She always had one when she came to class.

Adam pushed back and propped his feet up on Flannery’s chair. I wasn’t watching him but he’d snorted just when she crossed the threshold so I wanted to see what he had planned.

Flannery stomped down the aisle and pushed his feet off her seat. Roughly.

“No coffee?” Adam asked loudly.

“Overslept,” she growled.

It was a real growl.

“That stinks.” He said then slurped a huge drink from his own coffee.

Flannery spun in her seat and said, “You suck.”

“You can have mine.” I offered my coffee without even thinking about it.

“I can’t take your coffee.” Flannery shook her head.

“Why not? I don’t have cooties. Plus, I haven’t taken a drink yet. Take it.” I thrust the cup out under her nose to ensure she’s smell the freshly brewed scent and hoped she didn’t mind black coffee.

“Take the fucking coffee so we’ll be able to stand you,” Adam answered for her. And earned himself a smack to the head courtesy of Flannery.

She smiled, took the coffee and dipped her head in appreciation.

“Oh god,” she groaned loudly, her eyes rolling back in her head.


That looked like something else.

“I think I need to marry you,” she said to me.

I laughed loudly, not caring that class was about to start. The professor already stood at the front of the room.

Flannery had just given me an in.

“If I’d known it’d be that easy …”

                                                                                  # # # 

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