Happy Thanksgiving!

What am I grateful for this year? I'm incredibly thankful for my family, friends, health, home, freedom, and career, but for fun, I'll list a few of the things I'm particularly grateful for today: (I borrowed a portion of this list from this site.)

What smell are you grateful for today? Cinnamon! But I've been getting really into essential oils and am fond of lavender and peppermint.

What technology are you grateful for? I am so thankful for "lappy" my "mature" laptop and the many, many years of faithful service it's provided. I've even grown to love the wonky letter i key and perpetually stuck space bar.

What food are you most grateful for? Tacos! This goes without saying, but I also have been nom-ing loads of lentils with greens and goat cheese. I know, not as exciting as tacos, but great writing fuel that kept me going through the completion of my latest manuscript, a romantic comedy titled Love, Hate, and Other Lies we Told.

What sound are you grateful for today? I am thankful for the sound of laughter: my kids' laughter, my friends' laughter, my husband's laughter, my own laughter. A good belly laugh is THE BEST. Make me laugh and you win my heart (also tacos.)

What in nature are you grateful for? I am super thankful for the ocean. I appreciate its ever-changing, moody, clear blue, generous, wave-making enormity, even on small windy days, flat spells, medium swells, I love diving in, surfing, or walking along the shore with Chewie.

And YOU! 
Thank you for reading, supporting, liking, reviewing, sharing, and being such an amazing group of people!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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