Introducing, the Essential Oil Enthusiast!

Some might say I came for the scents, the calm, or the wellness benefits, but I'm sticking around after delving into the essential oil world to bring myself greater focus and creativity as a writer. I diffuse the Motivate to inspire feelings of confidence and creativity with a combination of mint and citrus essential oils. When I feel distracted and like I'm procrastinating, I use the InTune blend to help enhance my senses and sustain focus. It's perfect for staying on task when I'm trying to concentrate and meet a deadline. 

I've been a yoga teacher and co-owned a yoga and wellness studio, but these days I'm busier than ever with my writing life. However, this has left me feeling out of balance in my body. Like an essential component to my personal self-care routine has been missing.

Lately, I've struggled with feeling stressed in general. Can anyone relate?

Lacking concentration. My home office is smack dab in the living room, which means I'm always part of the action. While in many ways that's convenient, I have a tough time concentrating, causing me to stay up late to catch up on things.

This led me to feeling so utterly tired, like I was sleepwalking through life.

As you can imagine all of this added to the stress and I felt like I was spread thin, barely able to motivate and function. Something needed to change. I got focused on only what was absolutely necessary in my schedule, got back on my yoga mat, but I also heard essential oils could help.

I'd always had some eo bottles around, but grabbing the one that smelled the best from Whole Foods didn't quite cut it. I did my research and as a person who won't take so much as an aspirin unless it's critical, I needed to be sure the oils I chose were of the highest quality. One of my favorite yoga teachers turned me on to DoTERRA and I haven't looked back as I've integrated essential oils into my lifestyle.

I daresay it was almost like megawatt magical light bulb moment, bringing peace, clarity, and wellness into my family and my own daily routines.

It didn't take me long to discover the multitude of benefits essential oils provide, from helping improve sleep, providing relief from tummy aches, muscle pains, and burns. Our world is brighter, more cheerful, and calmer than ever. I actually said, "Where have these oils been all my life?"

I delved into the Doterra world and saw that it made sense to become a wellness advocate because of the savings, but also because it makes it easier for me to share essential oils with you. I'd never push anything on anyone, but if you're interested, I'd love to talk some more about it.

Other benefits of essential oils and being a wellness advocate while building my business is the oils support my kids and myself balance school, social, and sports. Deep blue and several other oils are great for athletes. As a huge fan of Harry Potter, essential oils are a little like potions too. 

I'm also an advocate of the doTERRA business model because it helps me learn and demonstrate entrepreneurial skills setting a positive example for my children. I also am able to provide my them with access to trusted products and methods for self-care.

For all of us there has been a marked reduction in stress, an overall improvement health and wellness, and essential oils just make me happy.
Among some of the common applications of essential oils:

Weight Management
Skin Care/Eczema
Insect Bites
And more!

Essential oils have many personal and household uses and the Doterra wellness products such as hand soap, toothpaste, hair and skin care, and vitamins can replace some of the current products you use daily with natural options.

Want to know more? There are 3 Ways to Doterra

Create a wholesale account and order items online. It costs $35 for the first year, giving you wholesale prices which are 25% off retail on every order. (Renewal in subsequent years costs $25 and you get a free 15ml bottle of peppermint oil, which is valued at $27 retail/$20.50 wholesale. (*If you decide to upgrade to wellness advocate, you can do so with no additional enrollment fee.) The Wholesale Customer options is like having a Costco membership, you pay an annual fee and pay wholesale prices.

There is no required monthly order.
2. Become a Wellness Advocate: You get the same great discount above while sharing the benefits of essential oils along with access to wholesale prices, but also are able to earn income from sales. You will also get a personalized online shop, business training, marketing tools, the opportunity to grow your business, earn commission on sales with access to bonuses.  
There are loads of benefits of being a wellness advocate and this is a great option if you're ready for a majorly positive impact in  your life. 

You have the ability to share amazing, life enhancing and transforming oils with your family and friends. 

You can also grow your wellness business, create a team, mentor others, and have a positive impact on the lives of friends and family.

Work from home during hours that fit your schedule.

Become a part of an amazing community of wellness advocates.

Access to monthly promotions. 

As a wholesale customer or Wellness Advocate you have the added option of enrollment in the Loyalty Rewards Program. Recurring monthly order that can be customized, adjusted, or canceled anytime. For months 1-3 in the LRP you get 10% back in points on each order, 4-6 months, 15%, 7-9 months, 25%, 10-12 months, 25%, and 13+ months, 30%. If you keep 100 point value in your cart at all times, you get these points applied to your next order, which is like a coupon or you could think about it as Doterra dollars. 125 PV + orders entitle you to free products as well.

EXAMPLE OF LRP: Every time you place an order, you receive 10% back in points (we can call them Doterra Dollars). If you purchase 100 points (PV), which is $100, you'll receive 10%, which is like a $10 coupon off your next order. Overtime, if you consistently place these orders month after month, you'll eventually earn 30% back in points. Loyalty rewards is great for items you use and need to replace each month such as vitamins, hand soap, toothpaste, and of course, oils!

Shipping Rewards Program: if you order online, you get points back on your shipping costs usable on your next order, which is like another coupon.

3. Order through me. Let me know what you'd like and I'll handle the rest.

So that's my sort-latest story, a semi-new adventure, and my path to improved wellness as I balance the demands of an active writing life. Are you new to essential oils? Not sure where to begin? Interested in learning more?

Leave a comment below, connect with me on social media—

or email me: the blossoming family @ yahoo . com (please take out the spaces)


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