2016 Backward and Forward

Looking back, 2016 was an okay year as far as years go. It's hard to quantify an entire three-hundred-sixty-six days. It's a leap year so we got a bonus twenty-four hours! It's slightly overwhelming and I almost don't know where to begin, which sums up where I am right now, overwhelmed. My plate is full, but with deliciousness, so that's the upside. I'll hit the highlights roughly month-by-month to spare myself the stress of ALL the things. (Note to my 2017 self, chill out! Try to do a little bit less! Relax more!)

At the beginning of each new year I pick a word, a trait, or focus to bring light to. This year was peace. It could also have been authenticity, presence, simplification, elevation… Did I achieve any of them? In degrees my friends, in degrees.

February was prep for the release of Pearl a book written from a very vulnerable part of my heart. February was nerves and excitement in equal measure.

Then there was the funk. No, not a foul odor coming from somewhere in my car (though that happened too, each and every time I turned on the heat), but the post-launch let down. To be perfectly honest, Pearl's reception was, meh. I tried to keep my chin up like a buttercup.

Plateau, plateau, plateau and confusion. The next months were murkyyyyy.

Then the summer came bringing the sun and surfing almost every day (I surf year round, but going without a wetsuit is the bey-ast! I felt more peace.and presence. I felt lifted, elevated, more focused…

Then I got terrible news and a relationship that I thought had long since gone the way of the strange smell in my car resurrected itself, bringing lots of emotions and more confusion and anger and blahhhhh.

When school started for my little bigs, I was in a complete state of disarray. It was enough to get through the day while dealing with all the emotional fallout from the summer.

But the mid-fall unexpectedly brought renewal and deepening of friendships and a shift in the light that helped me see things from a new perspective. I dare say it was like surfing without a wetsuit. At last, I felt FREE!

Oh, in there I also released my first non-fiction book titled, Book Promotion 365: how to reach readers andshare your work with the world. It's free right now, but only for a limited time. Writers, go grab your copy now!

I had a birthday and realized, wow, time is an interesting fellow. There are wrinkles and sagging and perspective and growth in so many wonderful ways. 

Still feeling slightly out of balance and wanting to empower myself to practice more self-care, I became a doTERRA essential oils wellness advocate and my, my the improvements those little bottles of liquid magic brought! Like, wow

We celebrated Chewie's first birthday and a year being part of our pack. He's a bitey bear, but we love him.

I lost my grandmother around this time and found her on my yoga mat. Did you know I'm a yoga student and teacher? I'd gotten so far from my practice that I felt completely out of alignment (the mental kind) and have committed to getting back to it.  

Then there was Thanksgiving and dang it if I didn't realize the multitude, the absolute wild abundance, of all the blessings I have. Grateful, grateful, grateful. 

Then the holidays. Holi-daze? I love the sparkly, twinkly time of year, I do. But I also love to sleep so I'm going to hibernate for the next week or so.

Thank you 2016 for pushing me to get uncomfortable and prompting me to let go enough to grow into my sweet ferocity. 

Life is a marathon not a sprint. I've by no means lost the race, but have realized along the way that I'm gaining a more closely united tribe—there's no rush to get to that finish line. It'll be waiting for me when I'm ready to arrive. 

What's the word of the  year? Check back in a few days to find out. But I will say this, looking forward at the New Year, I'm going to be more present and a better listener, to the people around me and to myself.  

And what do I have in store for readers? Oh, baby! BOOKS! LOTS OF BOOKS. BOOKS IN ALL CAPS BECAUSE BOOKS. Guys, I'm going ALL in. There are books coming your way. You have no idea. The goal is 10 in 2017! TEN! So charge up your Kindle, find your favorite bookmarks, and get ready to read!

If you want to stay up to date on all the ALL CAPS excitement, (there will also be confetti! Wink, wink) please sign up for my monthly newsie.

See you in 2017!

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