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PC: Tanya Markul
Hello! You may have noticed some changes around here...  For so long I felt split between my life as a health & wellness educator, yoga teacher, and writer. It was kind of making me feel cuckoo-marookoo. You know? 

Then I was like, well, I should do something about this. I can unify these these two parts of myself and my life... So I did and now here you have writing, wellness, and a little bit of wonder here on my site. 

I shift between both aspects week to week, day to day, and sometimes hour to hour. Branding specialists suggest sticking to one thing, well, this is my one thing, er... three: writing, wellness, and wonder (aka magic!)

I'm incredibly enthusiastic about all of us, writers, readers, HUMANS having the opportunity to be educated and empowered in body, health (mental & physical), and feeling our best so they can do the things they love. 

I'm also passionate about writing and can't imagine a life without it. 

Where do both of these begin and end? I have no idea. They don't. They're intertwined. Linked. Dependent on each other. If I'm not taking care of myself, my writing suffers. If I'm not writing, I suffer. You see?

Is there something in your life you feel this way about? Please let me know in the comments or message me. I'm all over the socials. In fact, I find I've been connecting with more people there than here, so let's hang out!

Speaking of that, if you're a reader, a YA lover, a bookworm, a fan of all things magical... I'm forming a reader-reviewer group for High School Magical! Woot!

If you don't already know, High School Magical is about magic, mayhem, mystery... and takes place at Applemoor Academy, a boarding school for the magically talented. 

It's a monthly short series with each book building off the last. They come out on the 15th of each month. It's ongoing, kind of like a TV show. 

The first two books are already out and the next one comes out next week! Eek! They read fast, but overtime they'll become a full length story!

I'd love to see a group of book lovers form so we can chat about Maija, JJ, and just what the heck is going on at Applemoor. Strange things afoot. 

There will also be polls, you'll have the chance to chime in on HSM things, exclusive content, and more!

If you're interested please send me an email, DM, or comment below. And the next 14 people to sign up get to pick another book from my backlist (as a little extra thank you!) My apologies but this offer excludes Sugar & Pearl. 

Thank you!


The Truth of Letting Go by Amy Sparling Cover Reveal!

I'm so excited to share The Truth of Letting Go, the latest book by Amy Sparling & reveal the cover to you today! I was able to do an early read of The Truth of Letting Go and I fell in love with the characters, the adventures, and the heart in the story of friendship, family, and love. Do adore the cover? I do!

Here's an excerpt:

"Cece is bold and fearless. Except when she’s not. I think we’d all agree that sarcastic joking Cece is the best version of my cousin. The alternative is scary as hell. It’s the reason we’re not even friends anymore, which is saying a lot because the girl on the other side of this table used to be my best friend in the world.

The other side of Cece’s mental illness is a dark cloud that pulls all of the happiness from the room. And once it rises, we never know when it’ll go away. All we can do is hold on tight, maintain order, and wait for her to come back to us."

The synopsis:

The summer before senior year, Lilah Monroe’s parents take a nine-day trip, leaving her as the guardian of her bipolar cousin, Cece. When Cece’s parents died tragically five years ago, she and her brother moved in with Lilah. Her brother soon went missing and was presumed dead.

Lilah and Cece couldn’t be more different. They used to be best friends, but high school has changed them both. Lilah likes order, schedules, and a tidy room. She has plans for her future and won’t let anything derail it, not even Cece whose life is constantly on the edge of chaos. Cece is messy, erratic and sensitive. She also has a reason to believe that her brother is still alive. Despite Lilah’s reservations, Cece tracks down an old friend who believes her theories. Ezra happens to have gotten really handsome since Lilah last saw him. Too bad they never really got along when they were kids.

Knowing the odds are stacked against them, Lilah breaks all of her parent’s rules for order and reason and joins forces with Cece and Ezra to set out on the road in an old RV in hopes of finding her dead cousin. Lilah and Ezra have a love connection amid the chaos, and when they discover what really happened to Thomas, it’s a truth no one saw coming. One that just might get them killed. 

A powerful novel about hope, first love, and what it means to be family. Perfect for fans of Morgan Matson, Emery Lord, and Sarah Dessen.

Visit Amy's Instagram for the latest and special reader surprises coming your way!

P.S. If you can't wait to get your hands on this, but yeah,  you have to wait until December, Amy has LOADS of other books to keep you happy until release day!


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Yoga & Sugar-Free

Yoga and sugar-free? What? You may ask is she crazy? Actually, the two go together, kind of like rama lama lama ka dinga da dinga dong. No, that's not a yoga chant nor is it the sound you'll find yourself making if you quit sugar. It's actually the lyrics from We Go Together from the movie Grease. Indulge me for a moment...

My creative pursuits (writing), my purpose and business (sharing the benefits of oils), my physical & emotional health (exercise and nutrition), are all interrelated—and the overall nourishment I give one affects the others. They go together to make the whole me. Like rama lama lama... You get the idea. Your snapshot is likely slightly different, but wherever you are in your journey, I want to share what's worked for me in the hope it'll help you live your best, happiest, healthiest, most rama lama ka dinga life!
I believe we're only as strong, productive, impactful, and happy as the foundation we build beneath us. That means becoming intentional about supporting the pillars of our health and wellbeing. This includes a generally healthy diet, regular exercise, as well as consistent rest and stress management. After adopting Doterra's Healthy Lifestyle Guidelines I experienced the value in reducing toxic load (environmental exposures and relationships), informed self-care, and proactive medical care (empowering ourselves with the knowledge and tools to advocate for ourselves). *These are guidelines to lean into as we aspire toward progress (no pressure or perfection).

For me my healthy lifestyle generally looks like:

Nutrition: a vegetarian diet with an emphasis on whole foods, greens, protein, and whole food supplements. I also don't eat sugar or gluten (more on that below).

Movement: yoga, interval training, walking, running, dancing, surfing, and hiking.

Community: family, friends, pets, and time spent together, unplugged. As well as the amazing team of tigress, essential oil lovin' geeks and my beloved writer friends.

Activities & creativity: spending time at the beach, meditation, religious studies, writing, using essential oils for self-care rituals, journaling, traveling, reading, learning, sleeping, and exploring.
Two of the key pieces of my wellness puzzle were yoga and quitting sugar. You can read my story for each experience below. First, I'd like to share some essential oils resources if you're ready to change your life!


Essential oils for yoga: every essential oil has emotional and energetic resonance and can help us move more fully and deeper into asana and meditation. One of my favorite yoga teachers and the person who introduced me to Doterra, Elena Brower, collaborated with Doterra to create the Yoga Collection. View the trio to help steady, center, and uplift here.

A few examples of other eos I use in my yoga practice:
Frankincense and/or sandalwood: powerful during meditation
Peppermint: energizing and breath support
Lavender: lovely during Savasana

Sugar Free

Essential oils to support becoming sugar free:
Dill: stimulates satiety
Black Pepper: craving assistance
The metabolic blend: containing grapefruit, lemon, peppermint, ginger, and cinnamon: balances blood sugar, stimulates digestion.

Because confections are so much a part of our lives, celebrations, influence the addictive parts of our brain, and are added to our food supply, it's vital to have supportThrough my thyroid and anxiety research I came across Sarah Wilson and her 8-Week program, book: I Quit Sugar, what now amounts to loads of cookbooks for everyone: foodies, men, kids, chocolate lovers, and more. Click here for more.
Starting something new takes effort, lasting change requires support, consistency and patience, but the improvements and benefits and YOU are well worth it.

If you'd like to learn more, discuss your health concerns and goals, and have a lifestyle overview please contact me. 

Scroll down to read more about my yoga and sugar free experiences.
My Yoga Story

My grandmother introduced me to yoga when I young enough to think the word yoga sounded a lot like yogurt. It still makes me giggle.

However, my yoga journey didn't really begin until high school when I enrolled in the class as part of my P.E. requirement. Little did I know that trying to avoid the strenuous activity associated with athletics would lead me to one of the most physically challenging and gratifying journeys of my life. Looking back, I see the irony.

I practiced sporadically in the years that followed and had numerous experiences that would later qualify me as someone who really needed to get on a mat. Like, stat.

Flash forward to prenatal classes and then mommy and me… Becoming a member of the motherhood tribe brought up a lot of "stuff" from my teen years and earlier. Old stuff, new stuff, anxieties about previously unforeseen what ifs. A lot of anxiety in general.

Nerves and stress had wound themselves so tightly in my mind and body, in desperation I got back on my yoga mat. It was then that I truly learned that the breath, movement, and meditation is extremely daunting, humbling, and especially effective at releasing and resolving anxiety. The trick though is consistency and patience. Not always an easy task.

In the meantime, a good friend introduced me to Pilates, which was the beginning of a new chapter in my life. I became an instructor through my local YMCA, adding aerobics (turns out, I'm incredibly uncoordinated), senior citizen fitness (mostly I listened to fascinating stories), and then yoga basics: taught in a room packed with people, probably as anxious as I was for relief. Yet, I still felt like a fledgling, a student, a yoga baby with so much to learn.

In 2008, together with my Pilates buddy and bestie, opened the Peaceful Palm: movement, arts, and wellness center. Along with other practitioners, we offered Pilates, yoga, massage therapy, music, art, workshops, and more. The Peaceful Palm became a hub in our community. Sadly, like so many small businesses, the US Recession took us out.

At that point, I really needed yoga: for my body, mind, and heart… Upon my sister-in-law's suggestion, I attended a class at Yoga Sanctuary, in Northampton, MA. Game changer. Like whoa. I was terrified of the level of skill, but also in love, hooked, and swiftly introduced to paradox: my favorite concept of and rather than or. I could be worried and practice yoga. I could be sad and practice yoga. I could feel out of my element and intimidated by so many amazing yogis and practice yoga. So I signed up for teacher training. Even though I'll always be a student, I decided to be a student and a teacher.

I completed my YTT-200 in 2011 with Sara Rose and Sarah Faircloth, but wished I could spend my weekends with those amazing women always. Since then, I've been registered with Yoga Alliance and have taught classes to people of all ages: from toddlers to seniors with an emphasis on yoga fundamentals including asana, breathing, and meditation—all framed within elements that promote a balance of stability (strength) and freedom (flexibility). My personal practice and classes come from the heart with laughter, buoyancy, and light.

If you're interested in getting started with yoga, stay tuned because I have something exciting coming soon! HeartCore Yoga. In the meantime, get prepped with this great listing of yoga mat reviews from my gal Lauren and her review team. I have to agree the Jade and Alo Warrior are amazing mats—both of which I use personally. 

My Sugar Free Story

When I was a child visiting Italy, I have a vivid memory of my cousins and I getting our hands on some very rich chocolates. They were such a treat, but after I'd had more than my fair share, I started bouncing off the walls. Literally. I ran around the room, jumping on beds, popping out of chairs, singing and screaming nonsense until finally, my cousins (probably annoyed), went to my father and asked him to please make her stop.

I'd eaten too much sugar and was out of control. I could feel it in my body and mind. A wild, racing that wouldn't cease until I fell asleep. This story is a family favorite to this day.

Later in high school, I recall feasting on day old pastries from the shop where I worked. They were going to be thrown out anyway, so I went home and skimmed the jelly and custard off with my finger, delectable. Before long, the entire box was empty, my stomach hurt, and I had a headache. Not to mention the guilt once I realized how much sugar I'd eaten.

In college, during a particularly lonely Valentine's Day, I went through bag after bag of cheap, gummy hearts—the red kind dowsed in sugar for just ninety-nine cents. I'd chew on them until my teeth and jaw ached.

When I was pregnant with my oldest child, I kept a stash of candy corn, always at the ready, to fill my craving.

Sweet, sweeter, sweetest.

Years later, with a completely reformed outlook on nutrition, health, and lifestyle, I'd developed a thyroid disorder. I consulted my doctor and before going on prescription medication, I asked if she had any alternatives. Luckily, she suggested a trial period of diet and lifestyle adjustments.

Sugar and gluten have a close and complicated relationship with the thyroid gland—if you'd  like to know more, I suggest Jen Wittman's work, through my thyroid and anxiety research I came across Sarah Wilson and her book I Quit Sugar. Click here to view the 8-week program, cookbooks, recipes, and support. This helped tremendously, especially. in the early days—so much so I became an affiliate because I believe so fully in this lifestyle. 

Suffice it to say, nearly five years later, I am prescription drug free. It's been difficult at times but the question I ask myself daily is who do I want to be and are the things I'm doing (eating, activities, thoughts, etc.) supporting the best version of myself and serving my highest good? I want to be present and  to my children, husband, friends, family, and faith. I've found in order to do so, it's important for me to devote time and attention to my health and wellbeing. I hope the same for you. 

More Resources for Quitting Sugar

Here are a few blogs I've found extremely helpful, chockful of supportive and insightful posts, and brimming with ways to feel your best. Not all of them are strictly sugar-free, however, they do all offer insight into eating in a way that is of service to each of our unique bodies. 

Detoxinista- New York City based Holistic Health Counselor who believes healthy living can be fun and indulgent. Her site is very extensive and she's adorable. 

Gabriel Bernstein- My modern life guru, my spirit junkie, the gal who helped me put a bit of ~ing into my be~ing. She has been there and done that and found her way to the present moment with a playful and sincere dedication to honesty. From time to time she blogs or vlogs about her sugar free experience.

I Quit Sugar- The site that grew out of Sarah Wilson's work quitting sugar as part of a magazine article/experiment to see what would happen that grew into a major life-changing experience. A book, a program, support group, and recipes. This is where it's at.

Kate Quit Sugar- Kate's story about her emotional relationship with food. Heartfelt and inspired on a low sugar diet, great for those transitioning, leaning, or considering removing sugar from their life.

Sarah Wilson- Outstanding writer and human being. Sarah Wilson guided me out of my sugar-coma with posts on thyroid and immune disorders, depression, real life, all with down-to-earth wit and compassion. She's also a waste-not advocate and avid cyclist and hiker. Oh, and she has a few cookbooks. Delish.

Spoonful of Sugar Free- Comprehensive site with recipes, thoughts on sugar and Alex's path to sugar (dairy & gluten) free is interesting. She also blogs about eating healthy on campus.

Sugar Free Kids-  Wonderful resource for creative snacks and meals for kids and adults alike who enjoy having a little fun with their food.

Tone It Up- Not strictly sugar-free, but these gals know how to do fitness and nutrition right by leading with the heart. They have free videos about health for the whole body including a meal plan that's delish and includes something for everyone.

This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive compensation if you make a purchase using the link. 

Oil Life FAQ

Ordering FAQs answered by my team leader

FAQ about the Loyalty Rewards Program
FAQ about Starting an Essential Oil Business

Is Doterra a network marketing company?

Yes, Doterra is a network marketing company. You could easily purchase a bottle of essential oil off a shelf at a health food store, but with our network of essential oil educators, you receive information and empowerment to use your oils effectively and safely as well as encouragement to adopt a more holistic lifestyle.

What is network marketing?

Multi-level Marketing (MLM), Direct Sales, and Network Marketing are often used interchangeably. It's a business model where a company manufactures a high quality product that goes directly from the manufacturer to the consumer via partners who're paid commissions to educate and empower, reducing the cost of advertising and stocking fees, and the overall wholesale cost of the product.

I'm a wellness advocate for my product partner, Doterra, and I share the product with you. You place your order and then the items are delivered to your doorstep. This eliminates the need to go shopping where you have to stand in front of the shelf, trying to decide what to purchase, and then waiting in line. Instead, when you run out of an item, you simply reorder more from your personal dashboard. On top of that, you receive the outstanding support of our community aka your oil family.

There's also the fun and practical aspect: classes, make and takes, new products, knowing you have the tools to help yourself, your family, and having a non-toxic home. I receive a commission for sharing these products, which benefits me in multiple ways: being part of a supportive and amazing movement, it enables me to buy more oils, and to support my family. I look at it like a circle. Doterra has the products, I share them, you buy them, I receive a commission, and we build this wellness revolution.

Not only that, but when you build your business, training others on your team, you earn not only from what you do, but a percentage of what they do. Unlike other businesses, you aren't taking a cut from an employee's paycheck, but gaining from your joint effort and then they do the same as they build their team. You also begin to earn residual income, which in the current unstable economy is a smart thing to do.

Who is this business for?

A lot of people who work for a company and don't stand by the product they sell. I used to work at a greasy spoon. I was and still am a vegetarian. I didn't necessarily enjoy waking up at 4:30 am or believe in stuffing people with bacon and sausage. However, it paid the bills.

Many of us want to own our own business, but aren't sure how or what. Network marketing allows you to be an entrepreneur and align with a product you believe in. It's important to be mindful of what company you align with, who the leadership is, if there's a low start up investment, and that you receive thorough education and skill building you as you grow your business.

Starting your own business from the ground up has a lot of moving parts and can feel overwhelming. By partnering with Doterra, you decide how much time and energy you want to put in as well as maintaining creative control of how you position and present your biz. Doterra provides the rest: the product and product info, delivery, customer service, marketing, administration, and more.

How do I do it?

Compassionate, conscious, authentic sharing...

When you believe in something or have had personal success, it's a no brainer to share your results. For instance if your child had an earache and you used essential oils, it only makes sense to share that with your friend at play group whose son is having the same issue. Or you have trouble sleeping, use Serenity, and a have a peaceful night's rest. Then a coworker comes in exhausted, why wouldn't you offer them a solution?

It's all about listening and presenting material when a person wants it and it's relevant. If they're not interested, move on.

It's also vital to be professional, respectful, informative, but authentic, just be yourself.  
As a business builder, we nurture and take care of the people on our team & customers as well as offer opportunities for growth.

The saying, "We rise by lifting others," is the underlying philosophy at Doterra. We're non-competitive other than with ourselves to reach more people and have a greater positive impact by being of service.

For me, it's been an ongoing personal growth experience as well.

Why should I do this kind of biz?

When we're in an optimal health and financial state, we have more time, energy, creativity, and clarity to make positive contributions to our community and planet. When we're free from financial stress, we can be of service. When we love what we do, are part of a wellness revolution, and experience success, we have the urge to spread the wealth.

Our team is a supportive community to help you create your business, which will then help you create the life of your dreams which will then help you help others do the same. Again, do you see how it's a circle? The O in dOterra isn't for nothing ;-)

Not only is a Doterra business profitable, but creating and maintaining meaningful relationships centered around the intention of making our lives and our planet a better place is the ultimate in gratification.

Some of the other benefits include:

-Contributing to the health and wellbeing of friends and family so they can live vibrant lives.

-Residual income to help pay down debt, save, and provide for your future and family.

-Experiencing and modeling personal growth, health, and wealth.

-Collaborating with an inspiring team of like-minded people.

-The satisfaction of your efforts paying off both financially and in the impact you make on those with whom you share oils and the business.

-Learning skills like organization, productivity, sharing, marketing, public speaking, and more.

-Ultimately freeing up your time, your greatest asset, so you can pursue your interests and dreams.

What else should I know? 

Ask questions of yourself and others. For so many of us, when we're struggling financially, what we might dub non-essentials fall away and stress mounts. Fortunately, Doterra can help with helping us to grown into our potential, to create health and wealth.

What does growth mean?

Being confident and clear in whom I am so I can better serve others.

What does health mean to you?

Think about it.

What does wealth mean?

One of my favorite definitions is "The freedom to do what you do with your most precious asset, your time."

What kind of life do you envision for  yourself?

Aligning with the health and wellness movement and generating residual income, we're able to leverage our time instead of money as our greatest asset while experiencing optimal health & vitality.

Doterra is for the family: health, home, and wealth building so we can all thrive.

As far as starting up a business goes, Doterra products are consumables which means people need to reorder and you earn commission from that again and again. *helps to create residual income.

You're not paid to recruit, which can result in icky situations, and you don't have to keep inventory.

You pick your level of "play" dabble, part-time, full-time and then receive training, education, support, and community. How much time you put into your business is up to you. You can spend anywhere from 5-10 hours a week to start on income generating activities.
Build with customers and/or wellness advocates (both is ideal). You can teach about the products or teach about the business or both.

Operate online, in person ,or both.

This business is for people from all walks of life and for all walks of life: teachers, parents, yoga instructors, doctors, chiropractors, stay at home moms, new moms, grandmothers, massage therapists, health coaches. You don't need a business background, special degree, or credential, but for some careers, essential oils pair nicely, nutritionists for instance as a way to add value to your clients.

How do you want to spend your time? 

Do you want to get your products paid for? Want supplemental income for you and your family? Replace income? These are big questions I had to ask myself.

My reality as a stay at home mom was that getting a part time job wasn't worth the small paycheck to pay out for daycare, gas, etc. However, by partnering with Doterra I've created a time flexible business that I incorporate easily into my lifestyle.

Creating a business of any sort is a long-term investment and requires patience and steady growth. It's not a get rich quick scheme. You can make money in the beginning and there's a method/map to do so, however, like any business, it takes time. You have to be willing to get uncomfortable, challenge yourself, do things differently, and go big. But the structure, support, and community is in place to help you succeed.

Most of all, the experience is about empowerment. When we invest in ourselves and others, when we experience health, financial freedom, and thrive, we contribute to changing the world.

What's your path to financial freedom going to be? 



What is dōTERRA?

dōTERRA = gift of the earth. We're leading the health and wellness revOILution by bringing pure, natural, products to people worldwide while responsibly and sustainably harvesting and distilling, ensuring the essential oils are pure and contaminant free, giving back to communities, and transforming lives. 

Co-Impact Sourcing

Because essential oils have vital, living origins in plants, sourcing is of umost importance. dōTERRA uses a global network of farmers in over 40 different countries being sure to cultivate the correct species of plant, grown in its indigenous geographical location, harvested at the peak of its production during the season, and then using distillation methods to get the purest most potent oil. Doterra enters into agreements with farmers that benefit them and their communities and are conscientious of the cultural and political climate in any given location.

Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) 

Did you know there is no governing agency like the FDA that regulates standards for essential oils? This is a problem because you don't know if a product actually contains a real essential oil, a diluted oil, or synthetic ingredients.

DōTERRA uses third party testing and performs 11 different methods, run 6-8 times to ensure the purity of the product. You won't find synthetics, fragrances, fillers, pesticides, impurities, in a Doterra bottle.

"Essential oils" that aren't pure or contain other elements, reduce their potency, thereby not providing the results pure oils do.

For more on this visit: that discloses all of the testing and sourcing information. There's a code on the bottom of each bottle you can enter to get the details on that oil. This website provides not only test results, but also information about growers, distillers, scientists, and others involved in getting the oil from the field to you.
dōTERRA's quality standard, CPTG, exceeds industry standards, making them more than organic because they're just pure, unadulterated essential oils, giving you the peace of mind that you're using the highest quality, purest form of essential oil.

Healing Hands Foundation

Doterra is not only committed to improving the lives of the people using their oils, but by partnering with organizations that fund and provide resources to create community-based projects where our oils are sourced such as building medical clinics and schools, installing drinking water/irrigation systems, and providing vocational training programs. They also are involved in programs to end sex trafficking in young girls by providing bottles of oil with contact information hidden under the label to get these girls out of danger.

The Company & Healthcare

Doterra is a science-based company with a team of doctors and scientists that maintain relationships with research universities, clinics, and hospitals around the world, to help make natural health alternatives accessible to everyone. They are at the forefront of the healthcare revolution. Visit for more information. 

Doterra is financially solvent, no debt.

Executives & leadership are accessible and receptive.

Our Team & Community

When I joined doterra, I didn't expect the incredible amount of support, encouragement, and friendships I've gained. I've been educated, empowered, and grown so much as an individual and in community. I like to say, you're not only given the tools for health and wellness, but the network as well. 

I opted to align with this company and become an essential oils educator because of the purity and potency of the oils and the health benefits I've experienced along with the company's integrity--as well as the business building aspect.

How can I get dōTERRA essential oils?
A Doterra membership works like Costco. You pay $35 for an annual membership (every year thereafter = $25 + a free bottle of peppermint oil). There are enrollment kits that have a variety of oils (and other products) included. If you start with a kit, the $35 fee is included.

Savings: You'll then have access to wholesale pricing (25% off retail). 

How can I get free oils?

The Loyalty Rewards Program is an optional program that provides free product credits (points) for your monthly purchases. As a participant in LRP, you'll immediately begin to earn points that can be used as cash to purchase more products. You'll also have the opportunity to get the free oil of the month and other bonuses, including points back from your shipping costs if you order online. You set up a customizable monthly order, of your choosing, delivered directly to you. It may include essential oils, but is also a great way to get items you buy anyway ranging from hand soap, to skin care products, toothpaste, vitamins, and much, much more--basically whatever you'd like.

What if I have questions?

Support: When you get a membership, you receive access to our team resources such as essential oil education, EO camp, our private FB wellness group (an amazing community) to free inspiring and motivational online classes, giveaways, and more.

I'm ready, how do I sign up?

If you'd like to sign up for an account, click here:

Here are two great enrollment kits to have a look at (there are loads more, but this is a starting point). 

Emotional Aromatherapy: 

Home essentials:

There are also products for supporting a wide variety of health concerns and goals (from tummy troubles, to skin care, to stressed and sore muscles, to whole food supplements for women, kids, and more. I'd love to discuss whatever ways essential oils might benefit whatever health concerns or goals you may have.

I'd like to share oils with my friends, family, and others...

There's also the compensation program/business, for essential oil educators (like me). It's a great way to earn extra income and share plant-based health and wellness. I delved into the Doterra world and saw that it made sense to become a wellness advocate because of the savings, but also because the business model helps me learn and demonstrate entrepreneurial skills, setting a positive example for my children. I also provide them with access to trusted products and methods for self-care. 

You get the same great discount as wholesale members while sharing the benefits of essential oils along with a personalized online shop, business training, team support, and marketing tools. You'll have the opportunity to grow your business, work from home during hours that fit your schedule, and of course, the bonus is you get the support of our tigress, essential oil lovin' team of goddess geeks.

Ready to change your life? Sign up here.

1. Click the "Join & Save" tab.

2. Follow the prompts for setting up a wholesale customer account or wellness advocate account.

3. When you reach the shop/membership option, you'll see a carousel that says "Popular Enrollment Kits" Scroll until you see the one you want or "Membership"—you can select the products you'd like.

4. Patiently wait for your order and then fall in love with your oils!

Questions? Contact me.  

This blog contains affiliate links, which means I receive compensation if you make a purchase using some of these links. 
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