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I love it, I love it, I love it! I love this cover. I love all the covers, but *this one* goes so beautifully with Tide that I can't. even. It's like they're book fraternal twins. Is that weird? No, no it's not. 

The two stories in the Sea & Sand series so deeply appeal to the fantasy and magic and mermaid lover in me. I spent  many days on the beach plotting this story, watching surfers (okay, and surfing -- I longboard like Kiwa), writing, and then revising that I feel like the characters and setting and mystery are kissed by the sea.

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An early reader of Tide and Anchored have said this story is a great match for readers who enjoyed the Syrena Legacy—Of Poseidon is a fave!—by Anna Banks. Another said she thought of The Vicious Deep by Zoraida Cordova, which is a HUGE compliment. 

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So what else will you find within the pages?

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Windswept beaches
Rocky shores
Mero aka Mermaid
Skylo aka Sea dogs
Men lost at sea
An angry sea king aka Poseidon
A road trip
Mystery! Lots of mystery

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Ready to see the cover? Scroll down...

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 As men continue to succumb to the sea, Tyler fears for the safety of the people in Land's End and struggles to maintain the secrecy of the underwater world, including the origins of his girlfriend, Amara, former mero, aka mermaid.  
But the biggest mystery of all is his connection to the ocean.

After his aunt passes away, Tyler puts pieces of his genealogy together when she leaves him and Kiwa, a local girl and surfer, her house and maritime legacy. The ex-friends are at odds after she deceived him, yet she has answers.

However, Kiwa's gone missing.

Going on information gathered about the history of the mero, Tyler and Amara travel from Atlantic to Pacific. There, they make a startling discovery about ghost pirates, an angry sea king, unrequited love, and an ancient curse.

However, everything they're looking for is a lot closer than they realize.

Clues and sea relics lead Tyler to the Magna Maris, an ancient document outlining how to break the curse and reunite the inhabitants of the sea and put an end to the theft of the souls of men.

Unfortunately, Amara believes she's the curse breaker.

Tyler has to convince Amara they can be together while fighting an epic battle for life on land and below the ocean, along with grappling with the truth

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If you want to see more of the inspo behind the book, check out my Tide Pinterest board!
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Okay, so I need to know, do you love the cover? If Tide featured Amara on the cover, whose silhouette do you think is on the cover of Anchored?

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