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Book debut days never get old. I'm as excited today as I was when To the Sea, my first book to reach readers, was published. Incidentally, it's also features surfing (and kissing!) but that's beside the point. TIDE my first YA fantasy hits shelves and ereaders today! Yay! I'm so excited for this one not only because it features surfing, the ocean, adventure, and mystery, but also because it's fantasy AND is part of a series. The Sea & Sand series to be exact. The follow up ANCHORED comes out next month, so get your copy asap so you won't have to wait long to read the next book! 

Never trust a mermaid's kiss.
Tyler McColdrum has a bright future on the professional surfing circuit until his father tragically dies at sea. Unable to pay the bills, Tyler and his mother leave California and move to his late grandfather's cottage in Land's End, Maine—a world away from the life he's known. Not even the stormy Atlantic can douse Tyler's surf stoke, but when mariners go missing off the coast, legends as old as the sea itself suggest something lurks beneath the surface. As the police investigate, his friend Kiwa—the only female surfer for miles—indicates there's more to the McColdrum family history than blood and bone.
Amara is a beautiful mermaid, a mero, who wants a life on land away from her sinister sisters. As charming as mero are, with musical voices and a tempting gaze, they're also brutal and cruel, stealing the souls of sailors. As Initiation nears, Amara learns Poseidon selected her as consort and her desperation for freedom increases. When Tyler encounters Amara, he falls hard for her. The ocean is no longer safe for him, but he trusts their love can overcome her mero nature. As locals and officials wage war against the sea, trying to keep mariners safe, Tyler and Amara struggle with how to protect each other.
With one foot in the sand and the other in the sea, Tyler must choose love or the surf as the tide quickly rises.
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When sailors go missing off the coast of the Atlantic, Tyler learns alluring and beautiful doesn't mean harmless, leaving it up to him to stop the mero or lose more souls to the sea.  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06Y1JZFD9/

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I'm so excited for you to read this two book series! Anchored, the follow up launches June 13th. Oh, and the cover reveal is in just a couple of weeks: May 30th to be exact. 

Thank you for reading!

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