Fight Camp: Firebird Born Cover Reveal

It's cover reveal day! Yay!🔥

My latest two-book series is a dystopian called 
Fight Camp: Firebird Born. 

And it involves:



And fighting... lots of fighting 

Fighting for freedom

Fighting for love

And for what's right... 
(I almost started singing the Beastie Boys song, 
because believe it or not there is some partying.)

But you came here for the cover, right? 

Don't worry, I won't make you fight for it ;-)

Scroll down...


When government officials recruit sixteen-year-old Aran Fenn to summer camp, she leaves her idyllic home in Domain AL and crashes into a violent reality of aggressive campers and ultimate fight training. As she struggles to trust her bunkmate—who knocks her out on the first night—and Cal—who helps heal her wounds in secret—, she quickly realizes telling the counselors that she wants to go home isn’t an option.

Weeks pass and Aran prepares for the trials, including a high voltage tug of war, crossing a bed of hot coals, and enduring ten minutes in the Cage. She learns she's supposed to be at a different camp to exploit her intelligence, but fight camp is supposedly the better of the two. She's also told her green eyes are a life-threatening liability and finds out that after the Last War the Regime isolated the people to create a stronger army, rendering her life a science experiment.

Aran doesn't want to fight, but rather get home to her family even if that means letting go of her budding romance with Cal. However, when she learns the reality of her world, she's willing to put her life on the line and do whatever it takes to gain freedom.

Fight Camp: Firebird Born comes out on July 11th. 

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Oh, and you don't have to wait long for the sequel, Fight Camp: Firebird Rising. It hits shelves August 15th.

Did you catch the puzzle reveal over on Insta? Let me know what you think of the cover. It's by Cheyanne at the amazing Nova Book Covers. Check out her Etsy.

I'd love to know what some of your favorite dystopian reads are. And if you're wondering just how geeky I get, I went to the opening of Divergent as a dauntless. Just sayin'. 

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