High School Magical Announcement

I have exciting, special, and magical news!

 On the first of each month for the next TEN months (yes, you read that right!), I'll publish a short story that's part of a larger, ongoing series on Amazon on the 15th of each month.

*You may remember my post about publishing ten books in ten months, well, I'm not stopping! Check out the post here. Yeah, I might be a little nuts.

I'm thinking of it as episodes. Like instead of a sitcom, it's a lit-com, or if you prefer, installments, contributing to a larger story.

So what's High School Magical about? 
And... kissing, of course.

Here's the description: 

Maija Wessels, a high school junior, is confident, clever, and insightful. She hangs out at the beach with her besties, loves S'mores, and has a major crush on Carter Miller.
She's also a witch.
At least, that's what the Certified Witch Caretakers tell her when they show up with a letter from Applemoor Academy for the Magically Talented.
She's also in the first graduating class after Applemoor opened its doors to all magical beings: unicorns, elves, vampires, and more.
However, not everything is fluffy bunnies, apple pie, and rainbows.
There are boys too: the mysterious and brooding JJ who appears after she sees her name in the stars. Then Bobby Gold whose smile could melt any girls' heart.
As she tries to balance her old life with her supposed newfound abilities (not to mention the homework and spellwork), she can't use her cellphone, her roommate won't talk to her, she gets locked in a classroom, and tension among the magical beings on campus mounts.
And everyone keeps saying she looks exactly like Imogen Hawkes, the subject of the last great prophecy. Meanwhile, she's just trying to get through the day without turning anyone into a toad.


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Fight Camp: Firebird Rising Release!

The wait is over. 
Though admittedly it wasn't a very long wait as far as books go. Just a month after the release of the action-adventure-dystopian-romance follow up to Fight Camp: Firebird Born you get book two, Fight Camp: Firebird Rising.  We pick up where the first left off (with a cliffy // sorry not sorry!) and dive right into a high stakes game of survival of the fittest with Aran in the Cage!

When Aran Fenn goes to summer camp, she doesn't expect days spent training and nights spent fighting, and she certainly doesn't think she'll fall in love with the tough, but irresistible Cal. However, she does all of the above and more. For the last trial, she enters the Cage to clinch her position as a Delta, while he's leveling up to Alpha—meaning he'll move off the base. She can't imagine enduring camp without him, but her goal of going home also means separation, possibly forever.

Aran learns of her link to the legend of the Firebird Born, whom the people hope will unite them and bring change. Seeking answers and desperate to be free, Aran escapes camp. The Regime hunts her in a high stakes game of survival of the fittest. When they capture her, science and story merge: the Regime's leader believes she's the key to developing a serum to bring everlasting life and create an undefeatable army of super soldiers. Now, not only does she have to fight physically, but mentally too.

It’s in Aran's blood to resist and rise, but her family—and Cal—claim her heart, prompting her to choose between what's right: overthrowing the Regime and finding her way home, and what's easy: the tempting offer of a new life on the mainland.

Will she win her freedom? 
Will she fight for family? 
For love? For the people?

Get your copy and find out!

US // UK // AU

You can also enter to win digital copies of both books:

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This marks book 8 of my 10 books in 10 months challenge. I'm kind of spinning, but in a good way. And I'm spinning so fast, I'm not stopping. I'll be back soon with an exciting, 
confetti-worthy special announcement!!!

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