What is dōTERRA?

dōTERRA = gift of the earth. We're leading the health and wellness revOILution by bringing pure, natural, products to people worldwide while responsibly and sustainably harvesting and distilling, ensuring the essential oils are pure and contaminant free, giving back to communities, and transforming lives. 

Co-Impact Sourcing

Because essential oils have vital, living origins in plants, sourcing is of umost importance. dōTERRA uses a global network of farmers in over 40 different countries being sure to cultivate the correct species of plant, grown in its indigenous geographical location, harvested at the peak of its production during the season, and then using distillation methods to get the purest most potent oil. Doterra enters into agreements with farmers that benefit them and their communities and are conscientious of the cultural and political climate in any given location.

Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) 

Did you know there is no governing agency like the FDA that regulates standards for essential oils? This is a problem because you don't know if a product actually contains a real essential oil, a diluted oil, or synthetic ingredients.

DōTERRA uses third party testing and performs 11 different methods, run 6-8 times to ensure the purity of the product. You won't find synthetics, fragrances, fillers, pesticides, impurities, in a Doterra bottle.

"Essential oils" that aren't pure or contain other elements, reduce their potency, thereby not providing the results pure oils do.

For more on this visit: that discloses all of the testing and sourcing information. There's a code on the bottom of each bottle you can enter to get the details on that oil. This website provides not only test results, but also information about growers, distillers, scientists, and others involved in getting the oil from the field to you.
dōTERRA's quality standard, CPTG, exceeds industry standards, making them more than organic because they're just pure, unadulterated essential oils, giving you the peace of mind that you're using the highest quality, purest form of essential oil.

Healing Hands Foundation

Doterra is not only committed to improving the lives of the people using their oils, but by partnering with organizations that fund and provide resources to create community-based projects where our oils are sourced such as building medical clinics and schools, installing drinking water/irrigation systems, and providing vocational training programs. They also are involved in programs to end sex trafficking in young girls by providing bottles of oil with contact information hidden under the label to get these girls out of danger.

The Company & Healthcare

Doterra is a science-based company with a team of doctors and scientists that maintain relationships with research universities, clinics, and hospitals around the world, to help make natural health alternatives accessible to everyone. They are at the forefront of the healthcare revolution. Visit for more information. 

Doterra is financially solvent, no debt.

Executives & leadership are accessible and receptive.

Our Team & Community

When I joined doterra, I didn't expect the incredible amount of support, encouragement, and friendships I've gained. I've been educated, empowered, and grown so much as an individual and in community. I like to say, you're not only given the tools for health and wellness, but the network as well. 

I opted to align with this company and become an essential oils educator because of the purity and potency of the oils and the health benefits I've experienced along with the company's integrity--as well as the business building aspect.

How can I get dōTERRA essential oils?
A Doterra membership works like Costco. You pay $35 for an annual membership (every year thereafter = $25 + a free bottle of peppermint oil). There are enrollment kits that have a variety of oils (and other products) included. If you start with a kit, the $35 fee is included.

Savings: You'll then have access to wholesale pricing (25% off retail). 

How can I get free oils?

The Loyalty Rewards Program is an optional program that provides free product credits (points) for your monthly purchases. As a participant in LRP, you'll immediately begin to earn points that can be used as cash to purchase more products. You'll also have the opportunity to get the free oil of the month and other bonuses, including points back from your shipping costs if you order online. You set up a customizable monthly order, of your choosing, delivered directly to you. It may include essential oils, but is also a great way to get items you buy anyway ranging from hand soap, to skin care products, toothpaste, vitamins, and much, much more--basically whatever you'd like.

What if I have questions?

Support: When you get a membership, you receive access to our team resources such as essential oil education, EO camp, our private FB wellness group (an amazing community) to free inspiring and motivational online classes, giveaways, and more.

I'm ready, how do I sign up?

If you'd like to sign up for an account, email me.

Here are two great enrollment kits to have a look at (there are loads more, but this is a starting point). 

Emotional Aromatherapy
Home Essentials

There are also products for supporting a wide variety of health concerns and goals (from tummy troubles, to skin care, to stressed and sore muscles, to whole food supplements for women, kids, and more. I'd love to discuss whatever ways essential oils might benefit whatever health concerns or goals you may have.

I'd like to share oils with my friends, family, and others...

There's also the compensation program/business, for essential oil educators (like me). It's a great way to earn extra income and share plant-based health and wellness. I delved into the Doterra world and saw that it made sense to become a wellness advocate because of the savings, but also because the business model helps me learn and demonstrate entrepreneurial skills, setting a positive example for my children. I also provide them with access to trusted products and methods for self-care. 

You get the same great discount as wholesale members while sharing the benefits of essential oils along with a personalized online shop, business training, team support, and marketing tools. You'll have the opportunity to grow your business, work from home during hours that fit your schedule, and of course, the bonus is you get the support of our tigress, essential oil lovin' team of goddess geeks.

Ready to change your life? Sign up here.

1. Click the "Join & Save" tab.

2. Follow the prompts for setting up a wholesale customer account or wellness advocate account.

3. When you reach the shop/membership option, you'll see a carousel that says "Popular Enrollment Kits" Scroll until you see the one you want or "Membership"—you can select the products you'd like.

4. Patiently wait for your order and then fall in love with your oils!

Questions? Contact me.  

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