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On being a hybrid author: indie & trad at Forever Young Adult 

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PEARL. noteworthy

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Pearl made Voya's Perfect Tens 2016 List!

Exclusive interview at Fangirlish on Pearl & the hard-edged aspects of life.

From the April Issue of VOYA:
 “Sometimes a book touches readers so deeply that it stands apart. Top-notch writing, excellent characterization, and a plot that illustrates but never preaches puts Pearl at the top of the stack. Heartbreaking, gritty, and absolutely unforgettable, Pearl belongs in every teen library.” VOYA Magazine

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Author Cheyanne Young talks about rooting for Pearl. 

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Vlogger Krissy reviews Pearl. *Spoiler free and awesome! 

"This would probably be the only book I've ever read that I will read over and over again. It was that good." -The Review Room
SUGAR. noteworthy

Interview & review on Hypable.

Sugar, eating disorders & teens in the Denver Post.

An interview about Sugar, the novel, with one of my favorite authors and friends: Cheyenne Young.

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An interview, my "just one more syndrome" & the advice I'd give to my teenage self. Book Worms & Night Owls (Dontcha love that name of Lauren's blog?!) 

"Our worth isn't measured by the opinions of others." Aimee-Leigh @ In Between the Covers.

"Reading this book took me on an emotional journey that felt deeply personal and brought some very real tears to my eyes." -Bookish Devices

More Supreme Awesomeness Coming Soon! 


To me it's mostly silly and limiting and downright difficult to have one favorite of anything, ya know? But for now, and since you may have asked, here are a few of my favorite things. Some of them make me laugh, cry, or otherwise jump up and down, making a fool of myself as my bangs fly around, while I chant, "That's my fave!" And then it changes ten minutes or ten days later. I can be rahhhther fickle, but for for now...a few of my favorite things...

*An aside: Also, I'm a big fan of the Proust Questionnaire, so you may see a few PQ-esque responses to various "asks" here too.

Word(s)Purple and as of recently, pilcrow. ¶ In case you were wondering what a pilcrow looks like. (Kinda like a wonky candy cane if you ask me.) I encourage you to say these words out loud, feeling them on your tongue.

Author(s): I could write a book in response, but I'll try to keep it short. The following authors I admire, enjoy their writing style and story craft, imagine we may have hung out together in college, or otherwise simply enjoy what they do with words and storytelling.  

The J's: J.K Rowling & J.R.R. Tolkien (Fantasy. Because, duh.) Along with Maggie Stiefvater, Jandy Nelson, Autumn Doughton, Rainbow Rowell, Jessica Park, Robin Schneider, Natalie Lloyd, Elizabeth Gilbert... 

Book(s): Ditto above, but here are a few that I'll admit to reading more than once, which is a rarity around this parts because TIME:

The Hobbit & Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien
All of the Harry Potter books by J.K Rowling
I'll Meet you There by Heather Demetrios
The Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson
The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater
The Hating Game by Sally Thorne
Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo
And yes, Twilight by Stephanie Meyer

Social Media: Twitter was my first. To me, the platform is intuitive and because I tend to be long winded, it's a daily exercise in keeping my thoughts concise and brief (which incidentally, works as both a time saver and a drill of sorts when it comes to writing fiction.) Nowadays, you'll see me on Instagram most frequently. Alright, at least once per day.

Quote: I have TONS, but this one makes my heart tick faster: 

"What if I fall? Oh, but my darling, what if you fly?" 

For more on my love of words and quotes, my Pinterest Board, WORD, is chock full. 

Surfboard: Long, I ride a 9 Paragon.

Food: I have a variety of food allergies, so my version of the dishes below might not look like the kind your mom cooks, unless of course, I'm your mom or you share the "quirk" that prevents you from eating sugar and gluten. Pizza. Chips, guacamole, and salsa. Smoothies. Sometimes all at the same time. No, I don't mean a pizza smoothie, but a smoothie with a slice of pizza. Oh and my toppings vary from Margarita style to onions, sage, butternut squash, and arugula. The possibilities are extensive, despite the fact that my father thinks the only things left for me to eat is that "Stuff called hummus." He worries about my diet and health worse than my Italian Nana. Also, I'm a vegetarian so you can imagine I'm a real joy to dine with. 

Server: "Can I take your order, Ma'am?"
Me: "Sure, but first I have a few questions..."
Server: *Stiffens with fright/Or rolls eyes at me* "Okay...:"
Me: *Launches into 100-and-one Q's about ingredients...* 
Server: "Sorry I asked. I quit." *Tosses apron on table.*

Kidding. It isn't that bad, and I tip well. I've been on the other side of the four-top, so I know all about the "dread food-sensitive diner." 

Also, read an outstanding treatise by none other than the illustrious Maggie Stiefvater on owning/embracing our health, food sensitivities, and choices. (If the thought harvesters from the Unicorn planet Zorb have anything to do with this, I'll... I won't say it, I won't even think it! If that makes no sense to you, good ;-) 

What TV shows do you like? I've watched all nine seasons of Seinfeld in their entirety, if that tells you anything. But to be honest, I rarely veer from PBS; Downton Abbey is top notch and I really enjoy cooking and travel shows, which they do brilliantly. I also loved Freaks & Geeks during its run. So sad to see that one go. Other than that, I'm a books and movies kinda gal. 

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