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HeartCore is a three-part yoga-inspired program designed for women to create peace, love, and confidence in their bodies—especially those who avoid their middle aka their core, the seat of creation and intuition.

This practice combines contemplation, movement, affirmations, essential oils, and journaling to support women in learning to honor their true nature and to transform avoidance of the body into acceptance (and maybe even affection), particularly for the tummy. A strong and stable relationship with our center helps us better deal with challenges and live our best lives.

Guide 1 follows the themes of grounding and planting—removing the weeds and nourishing our roots.

Guide 2 is about sprouting, cultivating, and growing into our potential and what we desire in life.

Guide 3 is about blossoming and thriving as we energize and uphold our new level of self-care and love.

HeartCore is where we move from saying that we're going to try yoga, get stronger, or think positively and into action. We learn to live a life from which we do not seek escape. When we love and respect ourselves fully, we create massive shifts—I dare say a revolution, and we might just change the world.

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