Yoga Guides FAQ

How do I purchase the HeartCore Yoga ebooks?
Please click "Shop" link or go here to be pick your favorite digital reading device. You can also buy it on Etsy.

Will there be a bundle offer? 
Yes, in the future.

I live outside the US can I still order the guide/eBook?
Yes, the HeartCore Yoga guides are available internationally.

Who is this guide/eBook for? 
Everyone! The yoga poses and other exercises (journaling, etc.) in each guide build sequentially off each other and the guides themselves build sequentially off each other so I suggest doing them in order for a richer experience. It is not necessary to have any prior yoga experience. However, use common sense and consult a doctor before starting any new program.

Can I use the guide/Ebook on all of my devices? 
Yes, you can use it on any device. Make sure you have a pdf reader like iBooks or Adobe Acrobat Reader installed prior to downloading.

What method of payment do you offer? 
Paypal or you can shop on Etsy or download on your favorite device here.

I have enough money available so why won't my payment go through?
Contact the merchant or credit card company for payment trouble.

How do I create a PayPal account?
Creating a PayPal account is quick, easy and free! Click this link to find out how to get a PayPal account.

How do I download the guide/ebook once I make my purchase?
You will receive a confirmation email with a link to download your copy of HeartCore Yoga. The download expires after 72 hours and is limited to 3 downloads (One for laptop, phone, and tablet). 

You also have the option of downloading your eBook directly from the thank you page once your payment has been successfully processed.

Please check your junkmail folder if you do not receive the email.

How do I save the guide/eBook to my iPhone/tablet/Android/Device? 
To save the PDF to iBooks/iPhone:
1. Click the link in the download email. 
2. It will be downloaded and opened. Click the icon on the screen. 
3. Click "Copy to iBooks." 
4.The guide/ebook will be saved there. 
Click this link for a tutorial. 

To save the PDF to Android devices:
1. Open the file that you want to save as a PDF, tap "File."
2. Tap "Save as PDF " from the drop-down list.
3. Tap "Save."
4. Choose a location for your PDF, enter a new name (optional), and then tap "Save" again.

I didn't receive the email with the download link.
Please refresh the email account you used to place your order. (It may have gone to the email address associated with your PayPal account).

My ebook won't download and I got a message to contact the vendor. 
Please use a strong and stable internet connection and/or try a different browser (Chrome is often better than Internet Explorer).

I received an error message saying I have exceeded my download limit. 
You may have pressed "download" multiple times you have a limit of three downloads across three devices (phone, computer, tablet).

When I click on the link it says access has been removed.
The link is only valid for 72 hours and you have 3 downloads available. 

When I try to save my guide/eBook it asks for a password.
This is for copyright protection and pops up if an attempt is made to alter a file. If you download the guide/eBook to your computer, choose where you'd like it to store (e.g. documents).

HeartCore Yoga guides are downloadable product purchases and as such are non-refundable. In the case where a purchase error is made please contact me at to discuss a resolution.

Note: This refund policy is in place due to the nature of downloadable products, meaning that once the ebook has been downloaded there is no way of returning it.

If you have any other questions please feel free to email me at

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