Yoga Essential Oil Trio

What I so love about yoga is how it brings us to the depths of our hearts so we're then able to share the love and light we recognize within—both on and off the mat. I incorporate essential oils into my practice because of their ability to help us access deeper levels of emotional resonance, healing, letting go of what doesn’t serve, and inviting new ways of being. I'm excited to share the new Yoga Collection essential oil trio Doterra created in partnership with yoga teacher Elena Brower.

Essential oils and yoga work together by bringing us into deeper alignment with our intuition, with our emotional selves, our heart, mind, body, and breath. They enrich our practice both on and off the mat. 

Other essential oils can be used to enhance your yoga experience. Such as:
  • Natural/toxin-free Mat/equipment cleaner = OnGuard with lavender and lemongrass in distilled water or witch hazel.
  • To Energize = peppermint
  • To Uplift = grapefruit or wild orange, Elevate, Motivate or Citrus Bliss
  • To Calm = clary sage, lavender, vetiver, or Serenity
  • For post practice soreness = DeepBlue, sandalwood, copaiba.
  • Bath and foot soaks = lavender, melaleuca, copaiba, Siberian fir.

Here's a quick overview of how getting oils from Doterra works; see more here.

Doterra produces Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade--meaning they're third party tested to be free of contaminants, additives, perfumes, pesticides, pollutants, etc. essential oils and essential oil based products such as supplements, spa and skincare, home cleaning, and more. I opted to align with this company and become an essential oils educator because of the purity and potency of the oils and the company's integrity--as well as the business building aspect.
A Doterra membership works like Costco/Wholesale club. You pay $35 for an annual membership (every year thereafter = $25 + a free bottle of peppermint oil). There are enrollment kits that have a variety of oils (and other products) included.  If you start with one of these kits, the $35 fee is included.

You'll then have access to wholesale pricing (25% off retail) and the optional Loyalty Rewards program. This is a frequent flyer type program where you earn points based on what you spend to put toward free oils and products as well as the opportunity to get the free oil of the month. You set up a customizable monthly order, of your choosing, delivered directly to you. It may include essential oils of course, but items you buy anyway ranging from hand soap, to skin care products, toothpaste, vitamins, and much, much more--basically whatever you'd like.

The great things about this kind of membership is you receive education from me as well as access to our team resources such as our private FB wellness group (an amazing community of women), to free inspiring and motivational online classes, giveaways, and more.
If you'd like to sign up for an account, email me here.

There are also products for supporting a wide variety of health concerns and goals (from tummy troubles, to skin care, to stressed and sore muscles, to whole food supplements for women, kids, and more). I'd love to discuss whatever ways essential oils might benefit whatever health concerns or goals you may have.

Peace, love, and essential oils,

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