Wednesday, September 17, 2014


When I started to get wind of indie authors, Jessica Park's novel, Flat out Love, was one of my first reads. 

Park's lyrical badassery is impressive, especially among the indie author geeks/connoisseurs book lovers everywhere!

She paints a picture, conducts a symphony, and shapes a story that comes alive on the page.

When I learned about the follow up, giving Matt's quirky little sister Celeste, the spotlight, I could not pass it up. And Flat Out Celeste did not disappoint. It is clever and lyrical, original, and compelling.

And then when I had the opportunity to participate in Celeste-Fest, I just HAD to. The following is my celebration of a misunderstood girl who comes home to herself, discovers her inner treasures, and shines like a gem. 

Get to know Celeste Watkins:

And if I had to put a theme song to the novel, anything by Vampire Weekend would do the trick. They capture that Boston-beachy vibe so perfectly, which spans Celeste's world too. 

And a party for Celeste would be incomplete without the legendary curtsy, at the Pacific ocean, of course. 

Thank you for reading and if you are interested in learning more, check the links above or grab your copy of Flat Out Celeste, here

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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Bliss Seekers!

So... the thing about following your bliss is it takes effort, a tremendous amount of energy and time and thought. But the thing is, that's what we have. Each new day we're given the gift of being, 86,400 seconds, and the power of our imaginations. It's phenomenal and lucky. And wow, when we're not acting in service of the things that make our hearts sing, it's such a disservice to humanity. 

Who are we not to shine brightly? Who are we not to contribute in a meaningful way? Yes, it's scary, intimidating, and can feel like an upward climb, swim, and trek all at once, a triathlon of sorts, but dang it all if the process isn't equally as exciting and exhilarating. Oh and the view, when you follow your bliss, I hear it's marvelous. 

All of this is to say, YOU, go for your dreams whether it's repurposing old lawn chairs and making something useful, creating art out of fresh picked produce from the garden, or singing and dancing your heart out when everyone IS watching. 

Whatever it is, go for it. Follow your bliss, I dare you. 

Sooo.... This month marks the third full length novel in the Follow your Bliss series. It's technically the fifth book if you count the novellas. Confused? Check this out

I can't say how happy I am that I've pursued publishing, even when I hear crickets in my sales or someone points out a typo (or ten) and especially when someone leaves a note or writes a review about how much they jived with the story. It's me following my bliss, warts and lauds and all. 

Sooo... what do I have in store for you? On the Mountain. It hits those eReaders and paperbacks October 14, 2014...and is the perfect read for the fall as Baskia retreats from city life and finds herself in the country. Mishaps, love, lust, SNOW, and some soul-searching ensue!

Check out the blurb below and stay tuned for more details, the cover reveal, and lots more!

Add it to your Goodreads TBR HERE

And remember, always follow your bliss.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

5 Time Savers for Writers

1) Automate tweets using Hootesuite or Buffer. I recently read in Write. Publish. Repeat, that the best thing we can do to contribute to our success as an author is to write, alot—go for quality and quantity. I've heard this for many years from some of the literary greats (Anne Lamott & Natalie Goldberg.) But it is especially true for indie authors. So when we're in the process of building our platform, the social media distractions can pulls us away from the actual work of writing. Interacting is important and connection is key, but prepping some posts ahead of time and scheduling them can reduce the temptations online. 

2) Create a timeline. Or an outline. I know, it might sound counterintuitive to spend time doing something so that you can do it. But bear with me. I find that if I write down my writing goals for that stretch of time, I'm more likely to meet the benchmarks I set out for myself. For instance: I want to finish chapter thirteen, add some detail about a character in chapter two, and make sure I spend a little bit of time fleshing out a scene that's to come, so I can be prepared for it as I move closer to it in the manuscript. By having timeline I am better able to manage how much time I allot to each item. Then there's the gratifying crossing out of said line item as I go. 

3) Set an incentive. If say, I complete my goals outlined in number two I receive an award of my choosing. For instance take out, those shoes I've been eyeing. (I know one of my favorite things about my job is that I don't need footwear, strictly speaking. But a gal needs shoes!) Or you can put x amount of cash aside for a writers retreat, conference, or workshop, that way I;m reinvesting in myself. Brilliant, right? 

4) Step away to rest and recharge. Likely when you return to your project, you will have a fresh perspective, renewed motivation, and the energy to go full throttle.

5) Value your time. I'm as guilty as the next person when it comes to frittering away my precious writing hours to check my social media, get sidetracked on a really great blog, or "window" shopping. And while I for sure can benefit from an insightful article or connecting, if it's time to write, and I'm not, that means priority 1 is not happening. At the end of the day I know I will feel awesome of I met or came near my writing goals...not the new shoes I bought (because duh, writers who are seated. At a desk. Really don't need shoes on their feet. But you know what I mean.) If self discipline isn't realistic use one of these cool programs to temporarily block access from the internet. Here and here

Any tips you've learned to save time? 

Thursday, August 28, 2014

On Writing & Creative Contribution

In thinking about actually Following your Bliss, not the "One day, I'll pick up the paintbrush, write that story, or do xyz" but actually going forth and doing it, even if it's in baby steps, a recent loss reminded me how finite our time here is.

There is only one unique version of each of us, and like a fingerprint, we have something valuable to contribute to the world.

There's no better time than now to start doing that magical something: art, music, film, fashion, woodworking, speaking, inspiring, athleticism, that makes us forget what time it is, places us "in the zone," and makes our soul feel like singing, unless of course it's literally singing.

For me, it's writing and rarely a day goes by when I don't drop something on paper or in a document file. But make no mistake, pursuing the things we love, take effort, often monumental amounts of effort and discipline, which is not to be mistaken with work. When in the groove, the effort required has a return that makes every bit of sweat and concentration worth it.

Here are a few snaps of truth that have propelled me forward in following my bliss and doing what I love:

Once an author, always a writer.
Learn to love your unique voice.
Make every word count.
Don't let your writing get lazy.

And last, but not least, patience. I have to remember to be patient with myself; some days there are chores, errands, and other big life things that pull me away from my bliss projects. That's okay. Taking an occasional break, to rest and recharge or simply place our attention elsewhere, often contributes to an increase in creativity when we return. And my measure of self-worth and success in my bliss based endeavors starts and ends with me. As long as I love what I'm doing and believe in it with my whole heart, that are all the affirmations I need. Some people won't like it, notice it, or will, despite their best intentions, not give it the praise I'm hoping for, and I need to be okay with that. At the beginning and end of the day, what matters is that I'm doing what I love.

How does this translate to following your bliss? What project are you working on that makes your pulse quicken, that you can't take your mind off? 

Actually, they're not so random. Not really.

Superb post on why writing is important by Leo Babuta.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

To the Sea Review- In PRINT!

I was surprised and honored to crack open my monthly copy of SurfGirl Magazine and find To the Sea reviewed on its pages. I was all like, that book cover looks familiar. Oh, I WROTE it! 

It's my first print review, and as an indie author, I really celebrate these small victories! Thank you SurfGirl, thank you readers, thank you, thank you, thank you!

As an aside, SurfGirl is a great surf & pro-girl lifestyle magazine out of the UK and definitely keeps me stoked!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Flash! Mirrored Release Day

I poured a lot of love and angst into In the Desert, a rock and roll romance that unfolds along an epic road trip...

And now, the follow-up that traces Alex and Brighton's relationship overseas can be yours!

Also, Mirrored, is told from Alex's rock and roller perspective...check it out!

Title: In the Desert
Book Three in the Follow your Bliss Series
(Can also be read as a stand-alone)
Author: Deirdre Riordan Hall
Release Date: June, 17, 2014
Genre: Contemporary Fiction
Age Group: New Adult

Available on Amazon

---A sneak peek---
Alex pulled Brighton into an alcove, protected from the rain. She pressed in against him, their faces inches apart. 

“Why would you need a brolly, if you have me?” he said. 

The way he said brolly made more laughter tickle her tongue, but the question, the offer, of having him, made it fade on her lips.

“Do I have you?” she asked. Her throat tightened at the possibility that the relief from loneliness she yearned for may or may not be found in him.

“Do you want me?”
His breath smelled like wine and mint and shelter.

Her pulse quickened. She’d never wanted anyone more in her life. She fought her way to his lips. They were out of the rain, but somehow her face was damp as another secret found its way to the surface.

“I have something for you,” Alex whispered.

His sexy voice was magnified against the backing track of the rain. He’d already given her so much. She had everything she wanted snugged tight into that hidden little alcove.

He dug his hand into his pocket, his hips pressing up against hers in the small space. He pulled out a guitar pick. “For you,” he said placing the vinyl chip in her hand.

On one side, it was printed with a series of numbers: 50.8429˚N, 0.1313˚. She breathed in his crooked smile.

“Coordinates if you ever get lost again.” 

She turned the guitar pick over in her hand. On the other side, it had the date in July when they’d met along with the word always.

“In case you ever forget.”

They kissed, never wanting to forget that moment before stealing back through the sopping streets, the glare of headlights and streetlamps guiding their steps in the inky night. 

And that guitar pick? You can have your very own! Please visit my Etsy shop. Or enter to win this giveaway!

Want to read To the Sea, Surfaced, & In the Desert? Click on over to my Amazon Author page and catch up on all the magic and mayhem.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Succotash! The Mirrored Giveaway

A book release wouldn't be complete without a giveaway! To celebrate all my readers, I'm offering a signed paperback copy of Mirrored and a Kindle copy of Surfaced, along with a few other book goodies. Wink, wink. 

I'd love to know your thoughts on Brighton and Alex. 
Have you ever wanted a guy to write a love song for you? Well, Bri, my girl, is unconventional...if you haven't already, read In the Desert to find out just how fast and furious she can be. 
If you could take a road trip anywhere, where would you go? 
What if someone gave you a plane ticket, where would you land? 
Have you outrun a tornado? Graffitied a derelict building? 
What kinds of debauchery have you gotten up to? 
Chaos seems to follow these two wherever they go, but can they settle down? 

You'll find out on Tuesday, August 19, 2014! I can't wait. 

Ooh, shiny and smashy!

Ooh, salty and splashy! 

PSSST! You may will find a little goodie from here in your swag bag! 

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