My Body is a Temple by Christina Sell -- Review

I write and read, write and read and repeat. That is one of my main joys among several so in addition to the words and pictures posts, I will share what I'm reading these days.

Magazines: I subscribe to, buy, am given or make a lucky score at my library publications ranging from my favorite fashion mags such as Glamour, Lucky and InStyle to my secret guilty pleasure, US Weekly. I also mainline Yoga Journal, if there was ever such a thing and thoroughly enjoy National Geographic and The Smithsonian. That's just on paper.

Online: Then of course there are countless online "magazines" from Minted to at least a couple dozen blogs I read regularly including, among my favorites: Nat the Fat Rat, Local Sugar, Rock Star Diaries, The Daybook and don't even get me started on food blogs, that is a post unto itself.

Books: If I should find an e-reader in my hands I will not protest, but I have had a long and solid love affair with the bound and printed book. I read books galore and no amount of technology is going to stop me. I often have a fiction and non-fiction going at once.

So without further ado I present my pick for this week:

My Body is a Temple: Yoga as a Path to Wholeness by Christina Sell

I'm a longtime student of Christina's, if you can call practicing her skilled and humorous classes on Yogaglo as qualifying as her student. But I can I suppose, so I will.

I've learned much about alignment in the physical and mental-emotional sense from Christina along with seeing what it is to embody the yogic term, Adhikara or studentship observing her as a teacher it is clear she also continues to count herself as a student, disciplined, consistent, patient and open and passionate. She is what it is to continually be open to life's lessons and the lessons of the body, incorporate that knowledge then share. There is much to be learned from the outside world of course, books of course, but there is, I'd argue and am sure Christina would agree, a nearly equal measure to be learned from within.

From Christina's previous book Yoga from the Inside Out: Making Peace with your Body through Yoga I got a taste for what it is to persevere and follow through right up to the edge of what I thought was possible for me and then cross that transformative threshold, as a butterfly emerges from its chrysalis, into a place of acceptance and strength. It was a pathway for me to step into and embrace my body. Powerful Stuff.

In My Body is a Temple Christina furthers her crusade to acknowledge the gift of embodiment through a systematic, though not at all dry, explanation of why and how we, the reader, can discover our inner courage, strength and center. The end of each chapter provides a series of questions to contemplate and if like me you don't object to writing in books, answer right on the page. Christina offers an accessible way to study oneself, Svadyaya, as she illustrates through her own experiences as she narrates against the backdrop of her time in India and the lessons from her teachers and invites the reader to the do the same.

I highly recommend both Yoga from the Inside Out and My Body is a Temple if you're looking for a down to earth, relatable voice to help you navigate your inner being, Svadyaya, and if you stick with it and practice Adhikara, you might just arrive at your center.
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