Blogs in Real Life

Here are three favorites this week from around the blogosphere that went from the virtual world of, "Oh, I'd sure like to try that someday," to "I'm totally doin' this!"

1. A heart garland- from Local Sugar Hawaii. A needle, thread, and fancy paper clippings. How about that!?!

Fun Paper!

Close up!
2. This hearty dish from Oh She Glows is the kind of winter sustenance that puts hair on your chest. Not that I need that, but just sayin'. Mine came out a bit like a soup, but almost smokey and thick. Yum-o!

3. A deep moisture deficit courtesy of winter brought on a luxurious moment using these, some of my fave products from Love & Toast...lips, hands, know the deal.
Any shares from around the blogs? Share 'em below...
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