Three Things....and No Guilt

Three things I did for myself this week without guilt:
When life has you harried and children need you to look at their homework and the animals need food and water, and dinner needs to be made, and lunch and breakfast, and there are deadlines and then there's that pile of bills and don't forget the mail, where there are bound to be more, and there's that phone call to return, but you're avoiding it and darn it the laundry is overflowing and books are due back at the library and these are just the little things...phew.
Sometimes our cups are brimming, overflowing, spilling all over the counter, or car or right down the front of our freshly pressed, though not so clean, blouse...okay, I don't think I even own a blouse, but you get my meaning. Well it all feels so full and yet there's always room for more you see. And, somehow we know that the cup needs to be refilled, maybe with some other kind of substance. Maybe something a bit more nourishing than the busywork of daily life.
When I have that thirst for something other than mopped floors, stamped envelopes and somehow getting the glue out of the glue container that seems to have sealed itself shut...well here are three things I turned to...and I don't feel guilty at all...What do you do to indulge yourself?
I read this:


I made these for the Super Bowl and I won the trophy for MVP my family loved them so much, but I resisted sugar's siren call. Why? Read here.


And turned to this:
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