Happy Independence Day & Patriot Pop Recipe

Happy 4th to you all...we froze up these cool little *SUGAR-FREE* treats to celebrate. They are also vegan, gluten free, and totally delicious. Here's how.

Patriot Pop- vegan, gluten free, sugar free, and dang good. 

The great things about these is you can play with the fruits and quantities and create your very own favorite blends. 

Number one- Freeze as many ripe banana coins as you can. For this recipe I used about 6 bananas. The concept is very similar to banana soft serve. Never made banana soft serve? Oh eee. You are missing out my friend. There are recipes abound, but basically, freeze bananas, blend in food processor. Wonder why you've been eating dairy ice cream and getting a fart belly for so long. Oh, you can also add chocolate, peanut butter...other fruits. Delish. 
Use paper cups if you don't have Popsicle molds. I'm going totally ghetto here. 
Here's the part that requires just a smidge of thought. But your smaht like that so it should be easy peasy.
First blend about 2 cups fresh strawberries with 1 cup of bananas. If your mixture is too thick (as in ice cream, you'll want to thin it a bit. I used coconut milk for this, but pick your fave. However, if you want the aforementioned banana soft-serve, freeze those berries too! Pour this first mixture RED into your cups. 
Insert Popsicle sticks. My RED was just thick enough for them to stand up. I had to delicately adjust them, but I got them upright. 
For your WHITE I used about 2 + cups froze bananas, half a tin of coconut milk , and  2 tablespoons of coconut shreds. Blend. Add. Adjust the sticks. Freeze again. Do you see the layers forming?
Almost time for the BLUE!
I foraged for these berries, for my BLUE, so you could say I really earned my pop, but they're so full of flavor! They taste just like summer. Blend another 2 cups of banana coins, about 2 cups of blueberries, it's fine to use frozen, just adjust the thickness with some liquid, such as coconut milk. Freeze one more time!

When they're all done, unwrap from the paper cup, like those old twist and bake rolls from childhood. 

And I just have to say,  with pop in hand, I'm thankful for all of our freedoms in this great nation. 

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