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Sunrise - don't worry I was passengering. 

I've been remiss this past week in my usual Tuesday/Thursday posting schedule.

Where have I been?

What have I been doing?

Aside from savoring the dwindling final two weeks of school vacation with my family, making a 600 mile round-trip drive in under forty-eight hours- after nearly driving into an overflowing lake, weathering a major family crisis, my husband losing his job, surfing, and buying and selling a home...I've been participating in two amaze-balls (yes, I went there) writer's events.

Last week I posted about writerly types of goings-ons here.

Today I want to remind you WriteOnCon (as in writing-online-convention) is happening. Today- Tuesday and tomorrow. For people like me who aren't always able to attend conferences with outstanding panelists, query-pitch sessions, and terrific community building opportunities, here is our chance to participate, ask questions, get answers, and learn more about the craft of writing.

In case you're curious, you can visit the forums and see that I've posted three queries- a simple search for FIGHT CAMP, TO THE SEA & SUGAR will bring you what you're looking for. I also put up the first 250 words of TO THE SEA & SUGAR. After that, I ran out of gas. And time. There were meals to cook, phone calls to make, and laundry to fold...oh and a lake NOT to drive into. Anyway...I'd love to know what you think, get feedback...even if you're not a writer, I gather you are a reader. I mean, duh, you're reading this and often readers give great critiques because you know what you like!

I've also been hanging out over at Figment- an online writer's group where you can post pages, chapters, etc. of writings, get reviews, feedback, and read the work by other writers. I'd love for you to read my first chapter of SUGAR and lemme know what you think!

And wish me luck, I received a 100 page request from none-other than an uber agent.

Moonrise. Passengering again. 
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