To the Sea // Pinsperation Board

Pinterest just doesn't get old does it? I can lose hours, days if I let myself, admiring, coveting, being the photographs, recipes, creations, and beauty pinners share. When it comes to writing novels, visuals help so much in creating a more textured, realistic world so when I see something that speaks, or sometimes shouts, to what I have in mind for a scene, character, place, or feel, I make sure to save it to a board. Other times, the sense I have of something is so nuanced, I can only grasp at it and this is also where images come in handy to help me create a richer experience for the reader. 

Have a look at the pins that set me afloat while writing To the Sea.

There's one pin that set the whole story in motion. When I saw it (years ago now...) I was like, yes, that is exactly what... Can you guess which one? Hint: When she's not wearing contacts Ian thinks she looks cute wearing her...
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