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Warning: There may be a profusion of exclamation points in this post. Why? Days like today make me speak with strong feeling and high volume! Can you hear that? That's me dancing down the street calling out, today is the book birthday for SURFACED! Hooray! Squee! Yay! All the social-media-i-fied happy words!

Okay, I'll calm down, but not before I thank everyone who has supported, assisted, and tolerated me as I made my second foray into the publishing world happen. I also have an intense, loyal, puppy-dog-like affection for everyone who reads my books. Feel that? That's me nuzzling you because I'm so gosh darn grateful and also you're all really sweet. So thank you everyone!

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Without further ado, I present to you Surfaced. This fresh follow-up novella, for the new adult novel To the Sea, takes readers back to the beach with Kira’s hot fling, Jamie. Book Two in the Follow your Bliss Series, Surfaced can be read after To the Sea, or as a stand-alone, quick beach read filled with romance, surfing, and transformation. 

By eighteen, Jamie Burke became a pro surfer capturing the hearts of surf fans everywhere. 

By twenty, he broke just as many hearts trading his prowess on the waves for sultry nights spent between the sheets. 

By twenty-two, he lamented losing the woman who changed him. Then he disappeared. 

When Jamie surfaces in his hometown in Australia, he discovers his high school sweetheart has moved on, but that doesn’t stop him from believing that she’s the one. He’ll do whatever is necessary to win her back, even compete in a surf-off against tough Mik Tanaka, aka Tank.

Awash on the shore, Jamie also finds pieces of his broken family—a father who took off, his disappointed mother, and a brother who has a secret—and it’s up to him to help put them back together. As he reunites with familiar faces, rallying around him, he might just have to redefine what family means.

Jamie spent years chasing a dream all over the world and doesn’t expect the waves to carry him right back to where he started. Only he can claim the treasures his return home by the sea offers: love, family, and truth. But as he fights temptation, sinks to the depths of despair, and struggles to open up, his biggest adventure will be dropping anchor.

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And as a special surprise for abiding all my exclamation points, today, the kindle ebook To the Sea is FREE on Amazon! Get your copy!

To purchase Surfaced, click through to Amazon. 

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And just 'cos, hashtag excited!!!
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