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When I started out on this writing journey, I just had a mechanical pencil (they stay sharp!) and a notebook. Over time, I click-clacked away, translating my stories into word docs on my laptop, and then ultimately into tightly formatted pdfs, epub files, etc. Don't ask me, I still don't know what those acronyms mean, but I do know that they help get my work into the hands of readers—connecting and weaving our narratives together being the purpose of this endeavor and all.

More recently I've also been introduced to some other mediums, like the app, Penned. It is not at all obscure in its meaning.

To borrow from the site:

tell your story

Read & Share Fiction, Truth and Opinion

  • Compose 2000 word stories on your iPhone
  • Create chapters to form a book or blog
  • Read & follow other writers
  • Comment & share
Don't mind if I do!

Sonia Chopra (PR) contacted me recently and asked me try Penned out, and boy howdy, am I glad I did! Penned is the brainchild of CEO Brian Sanders, and it is a writer's dream, in that the interface is EASY-peasy, and the community is wonderful!

I added the first chapter of my recently released rock-n-romance In the Desert. Navigating the how-to was simple on my iPhone and discovering and bookmarking stories that I'd like to read is no trouble at all.

Writers and readers, I recommend you check out Penned!

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