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*Looks fondly into the past, recalling evenings on screened-in porches, sipping lemonade, and discussing and bonding over books.

Remember book clubs? Maybe you're still in one. Sadly, mine fell away along with dial up, the fascination with Reality TV, and time. Sigh emoji. Time, always the culprit. I miss them though. More recently, friends and I started up a virtual "book club" connecting over texts and in emails, but it just wasn't the same and inevitably—as was the case and the delight of in-person book clubs—we'd start discussing other things: travel plans, work, kids…and kids! One of the biggies that makes time management the status quo and shifted priorities. Fast forward to now…and social media!

There are loads of literary/book chats online for readers and writers. The upside: pop in whenever you want. The downside: no snacks. But still, it's super fun to connect with other word nerds the world over. Below, please find a list of literary chats, their times and any associated links.

A few points to make if you join a book chat:
  • Introduce yourself.
  • Click LIVE on the top of the Twitter page so you're not just getting the comments from people you follow.
  • Scroll through to find out the topic. If you're late, it's fine to ask the subject of the hour.
  • When answering questions it's helpful to use Q and the number. For example often times the host will start a convo by tweeting something  like: Q1. What's your favorite book? In responding to question 1, use Q1 or A1 (A for answer) and so on.
  • Always use the designated hashtag.
  • Be respectful. I haven't come across too many heated debates, but if you do, consider what you'd say if you were in the room with the person. And since you can't see them/probably don't know them, they might hold a PhD in the subject, a cop, or just a plain old human being with feelings. Conduct yourself as such. 
  • I find it helpful to use an app like Tweetdeck or have two windows open, one for the live feed and the other for comments directed to me, favorites, retweets, etc.
  • Always double check/convert to your time zone. Here's a handy converter. I did the times below in EST for consistency. 
  • Have fun! And it's cool to bring gif-cupcakes!

Now for the list: 


#TSBC with @TSBookClub 5:30-6:40 EST


#LitChat with @LitChat 4pm EST

#TBKChat with @TBKChat 1st Mondays of every month 8pm EST (Teen Book Chat)


#TipsyChat with @tipsy_writer 8:30pm EST

#bookbloggers with @BookBlogChat 2pm EST


#LitChat with @LitChat 4pm EST

#BookChat with @BookChats 2pmEST


#LitChatYa with @Kindle_YA 4pm EST

#K8Chat with @K8Tilton 8pm EST

#StoryDam with @Storydam 8pm EST

#MGLitChat with @MGLitChat  9pm EST

#NA LitChat with @Nalitchat 9pm EST



#ChocLitSaturday with @ChocLitSaturday 11am EST

I know I missed some! 

Please leave the info in the comments below 

& I'll update the list. 

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