Lit Related Gift Ideas

Top on my wish list are books. 
Plain and simple. 
Hardcover and soft. 
Fiction and non. 
Bestsellers and debut.
Traditional and indie. 

 There's an entire world of lit related gifts I'd like to find in my stocking this year. Are you a book lover? Have a book worm to shop for? I've compiled some of my favorite bookish gift ideas that are unique, brilliant, and sure to please. 

1. Check out my Pinterest board Gifts for Book Lovers & Writers for inspiration.  

2. Want a gift that gives all year long? As tech savvy as us lit-types are, I think we're also of the breed that loves getting mail (not of the bill variety). Check out these monthly subscription services that deliver books and lit-related goodies to your snail-mailbox. 

3. And of course, there are gift cards to Amazon, your local indie bookseller, or Barnes & Noble. I wouldn't say no to a clever gift basket with a gift card, a mug, tea or cocoa, and some fuzzy socks. Perfect for a cozy afternoon doing what i love, reading.

4. You can also support your local library in the name of a friend or family member by making a donation. Often times, libraries also sell tote bags and other items with their logo to support the services they provide.

5. Last but not least, obvi, there are books, in all their bound, paper-smelling, smooth and glossy glory! But here are a ways to make the giving a little extra special:

A personalized bookmark.
Sticky tags noting your favorite passages.
A letter explaining why you loved this book and reasons why the recipient might too. 
A list of discussion questions and a promise to get together over dinner to talk about the novel later.
A list of links to the author, bonus content, etc. for a total fangirling or boy-ing bonanza!
Do you have any great lit-gifting ideas? Please share in the comments below. 

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