What to do if there's no safety net...

What do you do if there is no safety net? 

You learn to fly.

Then you learn to tie knots, strong ones.

You learn to make a pot of soup that will feed you for a week.

And you dress in layers to keep warm.

Then you learn to hustle, and save.

You learn to laugh, hard.

And you get out of bed and brush your teeth, dammit.

Then you do it again and the next day and the day after that.

You dream big and set goals.

And you have a conversation with your soul.

Then you get quiet.

You learn to love, a lot.

And you learn about what makes people smile and what makes you smile.

Then you build a home, with a roof, of course, but also made of a community.

You learn to be daring.

And you are humble.

Then you close your eyes because it isn't always about what you see, but what you feel.

You realize then that there is a net beneath you, but you never stop learning, and you never stop tying.

And you open your arms wide, and to that person falling, falling, falling, you say, "Hey, I'll catch you, then I'll teach you how to fly."

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