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I'm Deirdre, and I am a head, hands, and heart kind of person. Meaning, mind-body-heart always go together to form the whole. (That was my high school's motto as well! Go Hoggers!)

I believe in educating and empowering, in sharing and growing, and in happiness. If you're here, you might know that I'm a writer. You may also be aware that I'm enthusiastic about wellness. Want to learn more about what brought these interests together? Read on…

On Writing 

I write words, lots of them. When I open a new page I ask myself what am I going to learn today? I believe in wonder and magic and alchemy. When I write, the world glitters and shines. And I really like waves, the kind in the ocean; they're a fitting metaphor for learning to better navigate the ups and downs of life on land or when I find myself in a pesky plot spot, am dealing with a difficult character, or forgot another comma.

Departing from my native New England in my teens, I traveled throughout Europe as far east as Turkey, causing me to acquire a bit of a wanderer's mindset. Either that or I was a gypsy in a previous life, which I wouldn't doubt. During my college years, I transferred between three institutions—unable to commit to a single place or major.

My professional life followed this theme and took several interesting detours where I'd find a level of gratification, but there was always a piece of me that felt unsettled, unanchored, and ultimately unsatisfied. Eventually, this caused me to move onto the next thing. My inner guidance was whispering its truth. Write. 

In many ways, writing satisfies my longing for faraway places, their unique smells and sights, cultural customs, and languages. I'm able to interpret, invent, and travel to places through story. In doing so, I connect with worlds—imagined or real—and other writers and readers. I may not actually be able to taste that gelato in Venice that I still dream about or actually hear the pre-dawn call to prayer that still occasionally wakes me up, but through writing, I've found a home for myself.

On wellness

I call myself the eo enthusiast. EO stands for essential oils or enthusiastically obsessed or energetically optimized or elevating others…

I wasn't always enthusiastic or happy. I used to be blue. Not Pacific blue or robin's egg blue, sad blue. And anxious. Very, very anxious. I navigated some dark and tumultuous waters. During various times in my life, I've struggled with panic attacks and debilitating levels of anxiety. Doctors and therapists helped, but what got me on the road to true, daily management were numerous things that required a lot of patience and diligence on my part. In other words: doing the hard work of getting well. 

The first big leap was regular yoga and meditation, then personal development to help reframe my mindset (Louise Hay, Christiane Northrup, Elena Brower, Gabby Bernstein just to name a few). Writing was also incredibly beneficial for me to learn to be present (because anxiety is our mind taking us out of the moment and into the dreaded land of what ifs?). The last piece to complete my healing from stress and anxiety were little bottles of liquid light.

Putting it together.

Even though I was thriving as an author, I was still experiencing significant stress in my life. Rather, I wasn't dealing with it well and it was taking a toll on me. I felt out of balance, lacked concentration, couldn’t sleep, felt spread too thin, and was barely able to motivate and function. Something needed to change. I got focused on only what was absolutely necessary in my schedule, got back on my yoga mat, but I also heard essential oils could help...

I'd always had some eo bottles around, but grabbing the one that smelled the best from the health food store didn't quite cut it. I did my research, and as a person who won't take so much as an aspirin unless it's critical, I needed to be sure the oils I chose were of the highest quality. One of my favorite yoga teachers introduced me DoTERRA, and I haven't looked back as I've integrated them into my lifestyle.

At first breath, it was like a megawatt magical light bulb moment, bringing peace, clarity, and wellness into my family and my own daily routines. 

It didn't take me long to discover the multitude of benefits essential oils provide, from helping improve sleep, relief from tummy aches, muscle pains, and distraction. My world suddenly became brighter, more cheerful, and calmer than ever. I actually said, "Where have these oils been all my life?"

Essential oils are a tool I use to press pause and bring me back into a place of inquiry, of curiosity, and the present moment. What's going on? Why am I feeling this way? It's okay. 

I couldn't be my most creative and inspired unless I felt strong in my body and mind. The oils help me re-calibrate and bring me into an equalized or higher vibration. My work with Doterra essential oils also brought me more closely into community with family and friends, and an entire new group of unicorns.

It was by bringing the head, the heart, and hand together (learning to live anxiety free, doing what I love, and helping people), that I've found myself more joyous than ever. I want to share all I've learned along the way whether in fiction, anxiety management, or through my wellness work to help and inspire others to live in their joy, health, and light.

Thanks for your interest and enthusiasm. I invite you to have a look around my website where you'll find my blog, books, and wellness offerings.

Let's connect! 

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“Do not let your fire go out, spark by irreplaceable spark… Do not let the hero in your soul perish, in lonely frustration for the life you deserved, but have never been able to reach. Check your road and the nature of your battle. The world you desired can be won. It exists, it is real, it is possible, it is yours.”

- Ayn Rand
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