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I write gutsy stories, like exploring how people who lose their way often find themselves north or west of where they started—and usually the view is spectacular!

                                                                Sugar                                         Pearl
On the page I dive into the gritty bits of friendships and love, exposing vulnerability, longing, and loneliness, and illustrating the exquisite beauty in perseverance, hope, and personal triumph. Fiction writing is a way for me to connect the dots between experience and emotion, you and me, and all those little things in between that make us human. Oh, and it's great fun!

I wrote a couple of young adult novels, Sugar and Pearl, and you can read them! Yes! It's true! (Did you notice the abundance of confetti that just appeared everywhere?! Me too! *Does happy dance!*) Writing authorly sentences is the kind of surreal that gives me the fizzies. Thank you for reading! 

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